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Figaro's Pizza

Update 6/17/11: This location of Figaro's will soon be Sze Chuan.

In a word: Doesn't really sing.

The specs: #0403
Address, hours & details via Isthmus; official web site (beware: sound).

We ordered the Side by Side pizza (half pepperoni, half Canadian bacon/pineapple), a Figaro's Pizzazz kid's meal (8" cheese pizza), a chicken calzone, and breadsticks.
The bill was $30.55, or $4.43/person, plus tip.
Amanda gave Figaro's Pizza a C; Carlos gave Figaro's Pizza 500,000; JM and Nichole gave Figaro's Pizza a B+; John gave Figaro's Pizza a C+ (see our grading rubric).

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CalzoneFigaro's, a medium-sized "we-bake or you-bake" pizza franchise that frequently co-brands with Cousins, had never made it onto our pizza radar before. After this experience we can say it's shed its stealth status but hasn't made a huge impression.

The big dinner winner was the chicken calzone, which we sliced up so everyone could get a taste. Tender, white shredded chicken and creamy cheese filled a light, bubbly crust.

Pizza and breadsticksThe kids, as always, yummed up the breadsticks. These were soft but not mushy, light, and crunchy. Topped with herbs, they did benefit from a dip in the unremarkable marinara tub.

The pizza itself didn't raise many eyebrows. Nichole was its biggest advocate, based mostly on the fresh flavor of the crust, but she failed to convince anyone else it was better than average. The thin and original crusts seemed to be exactly the same (that, or they flubbed our order), and were crunchy-to-hard. The cheeses blended nicely; the sauce was scant, but sweet and infused with oregano. The Hawaiian pie had thin, smoky ham and lightly sweet pineapple. Which was good, since our topping choices were almost as limited as those at Buck's, with an especially noticeable shortage of vegetables.

Calzone and pizza

John reports:

Ehh. I was planning on cooking some pizza at home today. Probably would have preferred it, too. Not that this pizza is bad(homemade is inherently better), it's just nothing special.

Amanda was nonplussed. She said this quality of pizza would only appeal to her if it were super cheap. Carlos concurred:

Si! Fue lo mejor. Dentro de lo que se refiere a sabor. Entre la escala del 1 al 1,000,000 1 siendo lo mejor y 1,000,000 siendo lo peor I give 500,000.

We did appreciate the overall quality of the chain's web site, including the nutritional info. There were some discrepancies, notably the "kid's meal" which was advertised as including a game sheet, temporary tattoo and treat when we just saw the pizza and game sheet. (Maybe we ate the tat. Which means we owe the crust an apology.)   


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Carlos is throwing the grading curve!

Carlos has been throwing curves since the beginning at Bon Appetit. They are getting more elaborate, though.

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