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Crossroads Coffeehouse

CrossroadsIn a word: Fine coffee shop.

The specs: #0398
Address, hours & details via Isthmus; opening announcement at Just Coffee; official web site.

JM ate the chocolate croissant with a chocolate milk.
Nichole ate the turkey sandwich with a cappuccino.
The bill was $12, or $6/person.
JM gave Crossroads Coffeehouse a B+; Nichole gave Crossroads Coffeehouse an A (see our grading rubric).

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The funny thing about Crossroads Coffeehouse is that most of the food we'd already sampled elsewhere. Madison Sourdough's chocolate croissant is to die for. Blue Marble Dairy's chocolate milk is more complex than average, almost malted rather than sweet. The turkey sandwich from Crossroads' cooler was fine, light on the avocado, atop sunflower-seed bread.


What Nichole especially appreciated was the perfect cappuccino - they make it small, strong, and foamy. She's also noticed that the free coffee at the Westside Community Market is often served from a Crossroads Coffeehouse urn. Such commitment to the local foodstuffs is always good to see.

The atmosphere at Crossroads is welcoming and bright, if short on cushy chairs, and we'd stop in for a game or four of Easy Come, Easy Go anytime. If only it weren't all the way out in Cross Plains...


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all roads lead to Cross Plains!

I go to the Westside Farm market specifically for that coffee! Well, and the great parking, great vendors and Eidelweiss Creamery aged gouda!

I must have passed this a dozen times and was just in Cross Plains. Thanks for the info, I'm always looking for good place to eat and need to broaden my horizon's from the Cottage Cafe.

The Westside Community Market appreciates your praise, your link, and your business. Indeed, coffee is always local, both from Crossroads and Barrique's, and is always FREE. See you all there again starting on April 19!

"See you all there again starting on April 19!"

Good lord, it can't come soon enough! Altho, hey, I'm happy for the double digits on the plus side!

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