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Update: Burrachos is closed.

In a word: Y.E.T.A.N.O.T.H.E.R. Mexican Place.

The specs: #0396
Address, hours & details via Isthmus; reviews at Yelp, Ruppert Food Blog, He Said She Said, UWEC Spectator; official web site.

JM ate the chicken burrito with fajita vegetables and cheesy nachos and a fountain drink..
Nichole ate the carnitas burrito with black beans and chipotle salsa.
The bill was $15, or $7.50/person, plus tip.
JM gave Burrachos a B+; Nichole gave Burrachos an A- (see our grading rubric).

Latest Burrachos news and reviews

Burrachos is just another node on the circuit of fast food burrito joints. When compared with the other places in its class, Qdoba and Chipotle, it ranks square in the middle. Burrachos' distinguishing characteristics may just be that kids eat free on Tuesdays and Thursdays. And every entree, whether burrito, salad or taco plate, is $5.75, which makes divvying up the tab that much easier.

Burrachos lunch

In terms of sheer burrito size, Qdoba > Burrachos > Chipotle. The tortillas Burrachos uses are notably less gummy than Qdoba's. There's no upcharge for adding fajita veggies, which has been a peeve of Nichole's at both the other places.The cheese, however, is an inferior white/orange mix. The rice is stickier and tangier, with longer grains and a vinegar zing. JM found the burritos good but lacking the gravitas of a similar experience elsewhere. 

Of the nachos, JM determined that the cheese sauce was just velveetesque with a kick. The chips themselves were OK but covered in a dusting of yellow, salty stuff. 

We don't buy the corporate story about "burrachos" as a portmanteau of "burritos" and "nachos," but if you're looking for a MOR Mexican fast food joint, you've probably already found one. But there's also just Burrachos.


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Is it possible that there's a little holiday cheer-related grade inflation going on around here? I've noticed a lot of As and high Bs lately. Is a fast food burrito place really head and shoulders about the Lava Lounge?

Don't mean to be critical, because I love your blog, but it's something I've noticed over the last couple months.

Grade inflation is rampant, for sure. In this case I think I was just happy the place was cheap.

Consistency - it's why we get paid the big bucks. :)

Damn liberal media.

Ugh, total reviewflation! : /

My wife and I stopped in soon after it opened because we live just blocks away. We're big fans of Pancheros, but figured it would be worth a go.

To keep the 'details' to a minimum, I was completely unimpressed with my leaky kinda-gross burrito that *had* to be eaten with a fork. My wife got sick after eating the 'steak' from her tacos.

Unpleasant experience. F. :P

Oops. Didn't put in my personal information somehow above.

I still endorse my statement! Love AtoZ, but Burachos is not so great. :(

This site isn't about objective ratings, it's about the quality of the reviewer's experience at a specific moment. That explains the inconsistencies in grades. One thing I like about the reviews is their lack of dedication to demarcating hierarchies of quality. Surely Harvest isn't only a short notch better than Burachos? Of course not. But a great meal is a great meal. A great time out is a great time out. Well, maybe that still doesn't explain this specific review but I agree with the spirit.

One of my first comments on this site (maybe the first?) was on Chipotle, coincidentally. It went something like this:

::doodleoodle doodleoodle::

Saying that any restaurant is your total number one favorite restaurant is, for most people, dangerously narrow-minded. I look at restaurant criticism the same way that the judges view dogs at Westminster. Judge each one against the standard for that style of restaurant.

All the aforementioned places are disqualified for their use of rice in the burrito. Go down to San Diego and try a burrito. You can actually taste meat and cilantro instead of a mouth full of mealy rice.

But I like rice in my burritos!

(I am, however, a dirty vegetarian, so that might have something to do with it)

Pablo's Tacos out in Marshall, all the way.

I had a couple of rough experiences with this place but I'll give them credit for one thing: they do seem to care about customer feedback. I sent them a comment via the website after my last bad experience and received a response right away. A new manager has taken over the location and he emailed me an apology asking for another chance. So yeah - I'll give them another go next time I'm in the area.

Re: rice in burritos - yes it is inauthentic but I'm not a purist. Sometimes you just want something filling, and the rice does the job nicely.

Re: Rice in the Burritos

Burritos are whatever people choose to put in them. They are as different as the places that serve them. I’ve had them with all meat, and I’ve had them with several ingredients. In the Mission District of San Francisco, the best Burrito places have steam tables full of different ingredients and rice is one of the choices. If you want mostly meat and just some rice you can just tell them so. If you don’t want any, don’t ask for any.

At home, I make them with cheese, rice and beans, and whatever leftover meat we have. Sometimes I like to throw in some home fries instead of rice in a steak burrito. May not be authentic, but we love it.

Just no tater tots and baked beans, please.

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