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Marigold Kitchen

Marigold KitchenIn a word: Blossoming breakfast banquet.

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JM ate the French toast and a blondie with a lemonade.
Nichole ate the chile poached eggs with a cappuccino.
The bill was $22, or $11/person, plus tip.
JM gave Marigold Kitchen an A-; Nichole gave Marigold Kitchen an A (see our grading rubric).

Marigold Kitchen is celebrating its seventh anniversary in 2008. The place's staying power is no accident, as they serve up a quintessentially Madison menu of comfort breakfast foods with a few upscale twists. On this Friday morning the place was not too terribly busy, as it is wont to be on weekends. Light alt-country played over the radio. We chose a tall table near the windows, but could have also opted for a low table, a tall stool at the counter, or the coveted cushioned benches that line the room. The lack of coat racks is probably an issue in colder weather (even a purse hook under the tall tables would help). Perhaps because it was such a slow morning, a few tables around us remained un-bussed, but that's just a nit to pick.

Table at MarigoldIt was easy to forget about winter and dishes while we sniffed at the zinnias and sipped our beverages. We could have opted for mimosas, Bloody Marys, greyhounds, or even Capital Brewery beers, but stuck to our script. JM's fresh squeezed lemonade was sweet and strong and tickled the roof of his mouth. The cappuccino was also strong and hot, with flavorful, tight foam - right or wrong, it was closest to the way Nichole makes it at home, and so won a place in her heart. JM's blondie was quite good. He got an end piece that held together on the plate but crumbled (in a good way) in the mouth.  Not enough to send him into rapture but, one way or another, he liked it.


French toastJM's French toast was made from slices of brioche that were almost too thick. Most bites were good and chewy but some were hard and dry. The profusion of garnishes and toppings - fresh berries, real maple syrup, pastry cream, and powdered sugar - went so far as to make it seem the dish had gotten into Mom's Estee Lauder and gone a little overboard. All the elements were good but all together they were too much.

Poached eggs and toast

The chili poached eggs that Nichole got were an example of a simple twist that works. Two New Century Farm eggs came poached to perfection, buttery on the edges and topped with red pepper flakes and grated manchego (Spanish sheep's milk) cheese, which added a tangy edge. The salty prosciutto was a must on every forkful, and the understated rosemary bread was perfect for alternating bites.

Marigold might not suit everyone's tastes; for instance, it is quite light on the diner sort of grub you could get at, say, Cottage Cafe.  But for those who are looking for a well-made, thoughtful breakfast or lunch with the familiar and the exotic in equal parts, Marigold does its job and does it right.   


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I totally want to hit this place some time. The owners Phillip Hurley and John Gadau are the same people who own Sardine - and I LOVE Sardine! Many people have given a thumbs up on Marigold - and that breakfast looks to die for.

Now, I know it's a long way til you get to the letter "S" - but you may want to sneak over to Sardine for a nice dinner out. Although part of the appeal was sitting out on the back porch looking over the lake on a summer evening.

I just went to Marigold for the first time last week, and LOVED it. I was there for lunch, and had the tuna melt, which was absolutely divine. I'll be back!

All I have to say is macaroons. No trip to Marigold is complete without macaroons.

Are they better than the macaroons at La Brioche?

I love Marigold. I only wish they were open on Sundays. :(

I like Marigold and don't go there nearly enough. Once I accidentally ordered a chicken salad sandwich, something I don't like. But I ended up eating it in its entirety; it was delicious! It has been awhile, but I recall it had sort of a mango chutney or some other different flavor that made it really good!

Marigold and Cottage Cafe are my two favorite breakfast spots in Madison, and while they're quite different, both excel at the eggs-and-potatoes breakfast I'm fond of. Each takes a different approach and uses different flourishes but in both cases the end results are hearty, tasty, and satisfying.

Marigold Kitchen is excellent. The duck confit hash with eggs is the single best breakfast dish I have ever had anywhere. I don't eat at this place enough.

Ate at Marigold Kitchen for the first time yesterday- had the biscuit/gravy 'special' with scrambled eggs and field greens. It was fine, although I didn't care for the salad on TOP of my eggs. I probably have food-touching issues dating back to childhood, but that's a story for another day. I was disappointed in what I received for what I paid- it was certainly not an $11 breakfast. I don't mean just volume of food- it really was nothing special. My friend ordered the breakfast sandwich, however, and was very pleased with her meal. I'd go back, but would order something much different next time.

Took advantage of a birthday vacation day to visit Marigold. Unfortunately, we didn't get in-gear in time for breakfast, but lunch was no less satisfying.

Grilled salmon sandwich with whipped lemon-ricotta on toasted sourdough (today's lunch special) for me. Yum, if a little messy. Salmon was done perfectly.

Potato ham and leek soup for the Ms., and she was equally happy. My sampling confirmed that it was a lovely soup.

Silverware and napkins were a little scarce (as in not at our table at all until requested), and we were delivered a salad that no one ordered, but these are not cardinal sins. Still, a little odd for a quiet Wednesday late-morning.

I wish I was one of those people who has all this time to go places like this during the week, because weekends are downright crushing. I'll be back as soon as I can, though.

Just reiterating that the duck confit hash is amazing. So were the mini doughnut muffins--a perfect appetizer with my latte. Wish the space was a bit bigger, but oh well.

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