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In a word: Decent pub grub... I said, "decent pub grub."

The specs: #0360
Address, hours & details via Isthmus; reviews at Yelp, 77 Square ; official web site; Madison's Downtown on Urbanspoon

JM ate the steak sandwich and tater tots.
Nichole ate the caprese and the seared ahi appetizers, and took a piece of carrot cake home.
The bill was $28, or $14/person, plus tip.
JM gave Madison's a B+; Nichole gave Madison's a C+ (see our grading rubric).

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We went to Madison's at the unfashionably early hour of right-after-work-o'clock. Though we were seated as far as physically possible from the band, who played AOR covers for the amusement of a local law firm, it was still too loud. And we're not even that old.

Steak sandwich

The steak sandwich was good and meaty. It only fell apart once. It could have used some more sauce. The tots were decent if overcooked. They didn't have enough potato flavor.


The apps were half price. They were very pretty. The tuna was ok. The wasabi aioli could have been hotter. The tomatoes were not great. And it was July!!! One piece had a bit of core in it and was kind of yellow.

Seared ahi

At one point we saw people on the sidewalk dancing to the music. they must have been able to hear it outside. The hospitality at Madison's was great but we ate and left as fast as we could.

Back at home, the generous slice of carrot cake Nichole took to go proved quite tasty.

We're sure that Madison's is a fine place to go when you can enjoy your meal and your dinner conversation, or some flair bartending if you're not as square as us. The food did, in its way, merit a decent grade and the server was as friendly as we could expect. But we only have this experience to focus on.


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lol at the use of caps

While at Madison's, you had to SHOUT, did you?

Never would have guessed you guys would have come that day. It was the first time we have ever done anything like that and if the music was at half the volume, it still would have been way too loud. Needless to say, we wont be doing things like that anymore. We value our regular customers too much to have them inconvenienced.

Sorry you had to see us not at our top form.

Thanks for the comment, Andy! We appreciate it - sorry we ended up at your establishment on an atypical night.

Those tomato's look delicious! If the music is not a regular thing - I might try swinging in there some time. Very cool.

A picture says a thousand words, indeed. The tuna looks great, and the tater tots look exactly how I like them (yes, just a little overcooked). It's now on the list.

I'm disappointed you went on such a night as well. As soon as you started talking about a band, I didn't think you were talking about the same place I go to after work...but I guess you were and I'm glad I wasn't there. For me it has been a great place to go after work with the great half-price (and actually very well done) appetizers - but we go to talk and hang out after work, so I hope the band thing gets discontinued. That's actually one of the main points that has attracted me to Madison's - the lack of loud, distracting back noise when we want to dish about work.

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