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Madison Sourdough Company

Cooling rackIn a word: Perfectly plays its roll.

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Address, hours & details via Isthmus; cafe review at AV Club; photos at Taylor Takes a Taste; official web site; Madison Sourdough Company Incorporated on Urbanspoon

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JM ate the chocolate chip cookie and the sourdough roll.
Nichole ate the cinnamon bun.
We also got a loaf of sourdough.
The bill was $8.50, or $4.25/person.
JM gave Madison Sourdough Company an A-; Nichole gave Madison Sourdough Company an A (see our grading rubric).

"Best bread in Madison" is a recurrent online forum topic. Madison Sourdough often floats to the top of such discussions, and it certainly impressed us. The only downside from a consumer's POV is that the store only does bakery now - no sandwiches, no seating, not even coffee (for which we popped over to the Citgo next door, a satisficing move if ever there was one). We trekked back across the street and enjoyed our breakfast in the shade of Hooter's and Qdoba.

The cinnamon bun, nut roll, and chocolate croissant at Madison Sourdough all seem to use the same pastry, so when buying a treat at a farmer's market or the store on Mineral Point Rd., just pick the filling that appeals most to you. The dough is a heavenly, tender creation that comes apart in gossamer layers if pulled gently. The cinnamon roll is understated, with edges that are caramelized but not sticky. It's not overly sweetened, either, and almost had a note of banana flavor to it. You won't find this one hiding under lumpy buttercream frosting or gooey glaze. This stands on its own merits.

Chocolate chip cookie and cinnamon rollNichole's ready to say Madison Sourdough makes her favorite chocolate chip cookie in Madison (chocolate fire from Cress Springs is a close second, but only if you're lucky enough to get one they haven't frozen yet). They use lots of high-quality chocolate, plenty of butter, and just the right ratio of whole grain wheat to lend a crunchy mouthfeel. The aroma is good; the spectrum of flavor and texture from crunchy edges to tender, chewy center is always interesting.

Likewise, the roll is the closest to brötchen we've found. It has the perfect crusty sourdough exterior and a soft, open crumb. JM found both it and the bread a little too crusty for his tastes, and though Nichole was either too cavalier or too enraptured to notice how hard she had to chew, her mandible felt the effects the next day.

Sourdough loaf and roll


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Speaking of cookies, when you guys get to Mildred's for some sandwiches, you MUST have at least one of their cookies there. They're fantastic, and my current favorite chocolate-chip cookie in town, though I've not had the ones here, so I'll have to compare. :)

I would recomend buying the bread directly from the shoppe fresh - or else the chew factor is very high. My friends and I enjoy grabbing a loaf of sourdough and pairing it with brie...mmmmm.

Stopped by the new location this morning. 1) Loud! 2) Really cute. 3) Love the new logo. 4) Eponymous loaf is terrific.

Epic sandwiches on the new menu for both breakfast (egg, cheese, aioli on a buttery, flakey fresh croissant) and lunch (grilled cheese that will change your life). Even the simple side of mixed greens is perfect. My only complaint is they close at 5, so no picking up a sandwich to go on the way home from work.

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