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Madeleine's Patisserie

Update 6/2/09: Madeleine's is closed.

Madeleine's PatisserieIn a word: Fine,  but not quite fantastic, bakery.

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Address, hours & details via Isthmus; reviews at Christopher Robin's Fresh Foods, je m'appelle la rêveuse, Isthmus, QSC; picture at Letter from Here; official web site.

JM ate the egg puff with a Nantucket Nectars lemonade.
John ate the peach fleur sucre with a Nantucket Nectars cranberry juice.
Nichole ate the vegetable quiche with a coffee.
Rose ate the pecan cinnamon roll with a coffee.
We split a pain au chocolat and an almond croissant.
The bill was $27, or $6.75/person plus tip.
John gave Madeleine's Patisserie an A; JM and Rose gave Madeleine's Patisserie an A-; Nichole gave Madeleine's Patisserie a B+ (see our grading rubric).

Latest Madeleine's Patisserie news and reviews

Bakery caseAnother place for quality bakery for a weekend breakfast?  We would soon know the truth about Madeleine's.

Almond croissantThe giant almond croissant was marvelously flaky. Filled with almond paste and topped liberally with sliced almonds, we found it hard to stop nibbling at it; however, our other items were filling enough that it was worth taking home a doggy bag.

Their pain au chocolat was not the flakiest we'd ever had. It was more like a soft, egg-enriched roll with a vein of dark chocolate running down one side. It's obvious from the almond croissant that Madeleine's can make flaky pastries with the best of them, so this must be a conscious choice to handle their pain au chocolat differently.

QuicheThe quiche was velvety smooth, with a strong vegetable flavor. No complaints about the crust, here. We have a winner in terms of flakiness and savory butter taste.

Peach fleur sucre

The fleur sucre, offered in peach and strawberry, was as delicious as it was pretty to look at. (Morning sunlight and new memory cards do wonders for digital photos.) The peach flavor was outstanding, and the light pastry complemented it well.

Egg puff

JM found his egg puff tasty, but was put off a bit by the large, solid yolk contained therein. This is probably a fault of his and not the food.  Authentic or not, it wasn't his cup of tea, so Nichole ate it (the yolk) for him.

Cinnamon nut roll

The topping on Rose's cinnamon pecan roll was excellent, sticky and sweet. She commented that Madeleine's was yet another Madison bakery she and John will have to add to their favorites list. "However, who ever heard of molasses cookies as small as a quarter?" was her only quasi-complaint.


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i've eaten many a quarter-sized Madeleine's cookie at the Macha Teahouse (although I think they've recently started baking their own cookies in-house) and personally, I was completely charmed with the antithesis of the Pervasive Oversized Monster Cookie. Overall, I'd agree with your summary statement of this bakery. I had one of their chocolate croissants and it was sort of dry and cold. maybe they're better when they're hot from the oven? Thanks for all the great food reviews you guys post!

So if this one is good but not great, what's your choice of bakery thus far? Top three?

Wow... those pictures are amazing. I feel the sugar rush just looking at them!


We also have a Madison Sourdough coming up. We should hold our thoughts until at least then.

Best bakery I've been to in Madison = Sucre (although technically it's a patisserie).

I'll have to check Madeleine's out; I second Emily's sentiments on Sucre-it is unbelievable!

Madeleine's is wonderful! But I have to concur with the other folks - you are going to LOVE Sucre (if you haven't been there already). They are currently changing up their menu - I can't wait to see what the new items will be.

Okay, but not amazing pastries however I will not be returning as every trip to Madeleine's has been soured by the unbelievably foul attitude of staff.

Closed: http://77square.com/food/features/story_453382

It was a distinct let-down when Kristine and I visited a month or two ago. I'm sad for the loss of what everyone else seemed to think was a great spot, but not so much for what I'm losing.

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