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Cozee Inn

Verona, Hometown USAUpdate 5/20/11: Cozee Inn is now Klassik Tavern.

In a word: Not that far from ChinMi.

The specs: #0346
Address, hours & details via Isthmus; reviews at Yelp, Ruppert Food Blog.

Latest Cozee Inn news and reviews

JM ate the baked cod fish fry with hash browns and a lemonade.
Nichole ate the pork chop with green beans and clam chowder with a decaf.
We split a piece of mint ice cream pie.
The bill was $31, or $15.50/person, plus tip.
JM gave Cozee Inn a C+; Nichole gave Cozee Inn a C (see our grading rubric).


Dining room at Cozee Inn

We didn't think so either. After being passed by at least five waitresses, we were led from the sunny, homey upstairs to this chill dungeon, where we passed the next hour by ourselves, except for the occasional visitor passing through to the restroom. Every time we heard the soda jets in the bar (no free refills, btw), the lights dimmed.

The menu is typical supper club fare, right down to the token exotic item, the "Malaysian chicken" in sweet and sour sauce. The salad bar was tiny, the bread basket depressing; the clam chowder Nichole got was not bad, but the meat in her first bite had the consistency of chicken.

Pork chopThe boneless pork chop was actually quite tasty, and arrived smelling of fragrant pepper. The spiced apple butter was a nice touch. The green beans were overbuttered.

Baked codJM's baked cod was pretty rubbery, but maybe that was the fish's fault. The hashbrowns were passable. The slaw was not great - it was as if the veg had been minced in a blender and doused with mayo.

Ice cream pie

We were so fascinated by the mint ice cream pie that we did some research and we think we have figured out the recipe:

  1. Buy mint ice cream and a generic Oreo crust.
  2. Melt ice cream.
  3. Pour ice cream into crust.
  4. Refreeze.
  5. Slice, gussy up with Reddi Whip and Hershey's syrup and serve!

Of course, what did we expect, ordering ice cream pie?

We're so infrequently in Verona anyway that Cozee Inn seems like a depressing and unnecessary supper club because getting there involves passing right by Feiler's, a cozier and far superior place in the same idiom. This club is a little less than super and more than supper.


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Based on that review, C's seem overly positive. That place would infuriate me.

That pie is a blight on all things good and pure. Plus, the color makes my eyes bleed.

I can't believe they stole my recipe for ice cream pie! No, wait, they used hershey's syrup and not my secret ingredient (magic shell).

This place sounds terrible. I can't quit laughing about the lights dimming when the soda machine was in use. And that first picture sums it up quite well. Too bad you didn't try the "Malaysian chicken." That sounds really special.

The green beans were overbuttered.

Is such a thing really possible???

On the other hand...I still wouldn't eat there.

Is such a thing really possible???

Try an egg, cheese, and bacon sandwich at Bagels Forever that has been accidentally buttered as if it were just going to be a toasted-with-butter bagel.

As good as butter is, there can be too much on one food item. Yes.

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