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Little Caesars

In a word:  There's only so many times it's fun to say "Pizza! Pizza!"

Little CaesarsThe specs: #0331
Address, hours & details via Isthmus; official web site; Little Caesar's Pizza on Urbanspoon
Amanda, Beth, Carlos, JM, John, Nichole, Patrick and the kids ate 3 Hot-N-Ready pizzas (one each pepperoni, sausage, and cheese) and an order of Crazy Bread with cheese sauce and marinara.
The bill was $20, or $2/person.
Amanda gave Little Caesars a B+; John and Carlos gave Little Caesars a B- (an 8 out of 10); Nichole gave Little Caesars a C+; JM gave Little Caesars a C; Patrick gave Little Caesars a C- (see our grading rubric).

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Sometimes a restaurant's fare does better as a side dish to another activity. In this case, we used Little Caesars as an excuse to go to Amanda and Carlos' house to play Pillars of the Earth. This earns them the distinction of being the first home-away-from-home to host an A to Z meal.

It also marks the first time that we've needed to order something "hot and ready" but the less said about that the better.

Crazy bread! Crazy bread!Kids love Crazy Bread, and tonight was no exception. We set them loose on this bag in one room and enjoyed grownup time in another. JM took the opportunity to school Nichole in the charms of breadsticks, which she never understood before (outside the context of the bottomless bread basket at Fazoli's back in the day.)

Nichole cannot understand why breadsticks are appealing, but JM cannot understand how a toast-lover like Nichole cannot appreciate the subtlety of crusty, buttery topped bread with a pinch of seasoning. Uncouth? Maybe, but bite for bite JM would rather eat breadsticks and marinara-ish dipping sauce than, say, French bread and olive oil.

We guess we should say something about the pizza, although it's not easy to find much to say.

We all agreed that Little Caesars fulfills its purpose: it's cheap and convenient and about as good as frozen, except that it's already hot. If you want to get picky, Nichole thought there wasn't enough sauce. Carlos didn't like how salty the pies were. Patrick wrote, "You can hear the can opener! Don't get mushrooms!" And Amanda said the only pizza worth getting from Little Caesars is the pepperoni. Pictured below, some sausage acreage.

$5 hot-n-ready sausage pizza

Here endeth the review of Little Caesars.


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How dare you mock an American institution? The terrorists have already won because of you. Next you'll tell me that there's something wrong with chewing on a piece of cardboard for lunch.

The brilliance of Little Caesars is in the complex matrix of cost, accessibility (now that there are three Madison locations, I think accessibility can finally be included), and refrigerability.

It ain't haute cuisine, but it's fast, cheap, and goes down just as well (if not better) the next morning. Can't say that about frozen pizza, and I've been known to eat a frozen pizza or seven in my lifetime.

Crazy Bread is a hit-or-miss affair, but lately they've been hitting (we just had LC earlier this week).

Also, the staff at the east side location, particularly the guy who appears to be the PM shift manager, is really friendly.

Like Taco Bell, sometimes you get a craving for this very special junk food that can't be satiated by anything else. Pepperoni pizza ready immediately for $5? That's even -cheaper- than a lot of the frozen pizzas. That's not to mistake this food as quality, though.

Still better than the Glass Nickel.

This place, unfortunately, was responsible for 10 of my college pounds, easy. Three dollar medium pizzas was the special back in the day, and it was dinner. So cheap! But I haven't eaten there since. At least no one goes there with any dilusions of excellence.

Kyle stop tooting your horn over there. And as far as pizza goes, it is healthier than just about any other pizza take out you can get. Less grease and it won a couple years back the lowest sodium amount out of any pizza company.

Which horn now? I don't get it.

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