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Lane's Bakery

Cookie caseUpdate 2/6: Lane's is open at their new location.
Update: Lane's is closed.

In a word: Delivers the (baked) goods.

The specs: #0322
Address, hours & details via Isthmus; official web site; Lane's Bakery on Urbanspoon

Latest Lane's Bakery news and reviews

A.C. ate a cream cheese danish.
Dan ate a cinnamon roll.
JM ate a chocolate donut and a gourmet chocolate chip cookie with a juice.
John ate a chocolate eclair and an oatmeal cookie with a juice.
Mikaylah ate a cinnamon roll with a juice.
Nichole ate a pecan nest and half a maple walnut cookie (Kenny had the other half, but declined to comment) with coffee.
Rose ate a chocolate eclair with coffee.
The bill was ??? - thanks, Mom and Dad!
A.C. and Nichole gave Lane's Bakery an A; Dan, John and Mikaylah gave Lane's Bakery an A-; JM gave Lane's Bakery a B+; Rose gave Lane's Bakery a B- (see our grading rubric).

Lane's is a nice neighborhood hangout for the newspaper-reading set. A bright dining room lined with cute tschotschkes, glass cases full of cakes, and a cart stocked with a bottomless urn of very good Johnson Brothers coffee all contribute to the comfy, grandmotherly air.

Not lunchUnfortunately we didn't realize the soup and sandwich lunch offerings are only on weekdays. Lunching on baked goods for the benefit of our readers is a sacrifice we just have to make sometimes.

Eclair, oatmeal cookieJohn and Rose both sampled the eclairs, which were a little dry, but the creme filling was good. John's oatmeal cookie was both crunchy and chewy, with a really great flavor.

BreakfastMikaylah and Dan approved of the  cinnamon rolls, which were very tender, moist and delicate and had the perfect amount of cinnamon. Dan also tried the cream cheese danish and said it was "just like mom used to make." Though dry on the outside, otherwise it was good.

JM thought his chocolate donut was quite good.  It was aromatic but had held its flavor well.  Lane's is another member of the trinity of donut shops in Madison (ahead of People's but behind Greenbush) and of course, he appreciates them for it. His cookie, however, was way hard and not that good. 

Pecan nest, maple walnut cookieNichole chose the pecan "bird's nest," essentially a variation on baklava. It was nice, but not quite honeyed enough. The maple walnut cookie was too soft and sweet for her - she always wants to feel virtuous about fiber even when eating a fricking cookie. It did have a decent maple flavor, though. She and Rose agreed the coffee was delicious. Several cups later Nichole felt ready to take on the lake.


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yeah we read this place was voted #1 bakery in town and decided to try it. we were pretty disappointed if this is supposed to be the best. they had a bunch of frozen cakes and some OK cookies and small pastries. very average, nothing special. not bad, not impressive. we need a gourmet cake maker in this city!

Lane's large ring kringles are excellent! They are a favorite at the office and have a wide variety of delicious choices. Highly recommended to treat a large group.

Get your paczki here, just two days left.

I didn't know they did paczki anywhere in town. I'll have to try and remember this for next year.

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