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Wee pause for this announcement

11/20/07: We're switching domain name registrars this week, hopefully without a hitch, but if you temporarily can't find us at www.madisonatoz.com you can also try us here.

In the meantime, we'd like to give a vigorous "hear hear" to just hungry's plea to all restaurant web site creators.

Update 11/24/07: the domain name thing should be resolved. Now with 100% fewer w's! (Let us know if you see anything funky.)


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Looks like your registration switch is successful for www.madisonatoz.com, however we visited simply madisonatoz.com first and got a generic landing page instead. Just thought you may want to make sure that points to your page as well since Madison magazine lists your site without the 'www' in the Dec 2007 issue.

For the price, one of the best deals in Madison. Do try the the M'hamara--an appetizer made of red pepper and walnuts (it tastes much better than it sounds--and the kabobs. At lunch you can get a good quality falafel for $5 including fries. For dinner, I'm surprised the reviewers didn't try the couple's combo ' mazza' options. The meals provide a taste of pretty much everything on the .

the (menu). see the last sentence above...

@axelrod - thanks for visiting! We're still working on the domain name switch, 4 days later. (You can see why we're leaving our old registrar.) So we thank you for your patience with our lack of www's. I trust you let Amy Siegel's editors know their link was wrong too, eh? :)

After reading your review, maybe I'll have to give this another chance. My husband and I tried KoF with a friend not long after it opened. The service was so bad it was astounding -- perhaps the worst I've experienced in 12 years of Madison dining. People at several other tables got up and left before placing an order since things were moving so slowly (the place was relatively busy, but by no means packed). It took us forever to get menus, much less place an order. But I do love good Middle Eastern food, so maybe I'll give it another shot. The Shish Cafe (on University Ave., getting towards Middleton) is quite good, with nice vegetarian combo plates.

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