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"K" is for Kicks, the increasing difficulty of locating

Kabul, as the first K, spoiled us.  With the exception of Kennedy Manor, the Ks were mostly a washout filled with just OK food, like Kitchen Hearth, Ken's Cafeteria, and Klubhouse, and some truly regrettable experiences at Kollege Klub and Kaminski Brothers.  It seems appropriate to point out that Nichole's D grade is the one that gained percentage points during the Ks. 

The Ks are also the last in a streak of shorter sprints (25 or fewer places) that more or less began with the letter Ds. The Long and Winding Ls and Ms will take up most of 2008 as soon as we finish the 11 make-up 'straunts. 

We're very glad to have finished the Ks in little over two months, however, because it means that we're making progress.  Thanks as always for reading.

Our grades thus far:

A 127
B 127
C 40
D 6
F 1

Our favorite K's were:
Breakfast: Ken's Cafeteria
Lunch: Kabul
Dinner: Kennedy Manor Dining Room and Bar


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With JM looking over my shoulder, I decided to go and see how I had ranked everything. Here's my list so far:
A : 5
A- : 6
B+ : 8
B : 7
B- : 3
C+ : 3
And one for each of the following: C, D, pi, and either an A or a D depending on how discrimintaing I feel like being. I think that means I'm slightly meaner than JM on good restaraunts, although I also get to be more choosy on which ones I go to.

Dorky question, but I've long wondered... does it cost a fortune to do this much dining out for the sake of your blog? Or would you be going out this much anyway, blog or no blog? I go out more than I probably should and the Midwestern financial puritan in me always feels a little guilty...

Great blog, though. I always find your write-ups useful!

Thanks so much for this blog! It is my go to guide for getting a regular joe's opinion on restaurants. Of course, that means limiting my restaurant selection to those starting with K or less, but it has been that much of a burden :-)

Thanks, Rachel and Kyle & lady K!

js, it's a good question. We might be going out a little more than we would otherwise, but we stick to the budget and it's not as expensive as we thought it would be (the average is $20 per meal for both of us). Plus, this is pretty much all we do for entertainment. Make of that what you will. :)

Things are, I hope, looking up for the holiday season. There certainly is a lot of "La" in your future. La Bamba, La Brioche, La Concha, La Hacienda, La Mestiza... Fa La La La La... La La... La La. Happy Winter-een-mas!

speaking of "e" i think you guys forgot to visit el pastor. one of the top 3 mexican places in town!

Parintachin, thanks for the carol! Hee hee.

jennyfits - we go by Isthmus' list (see earlier discussion). Maybe they'll add it... but we hope you'll understand if we're reluctant to request that they add more "work" for us. :)

...and the List lists El Pastor as Taqueria El Pastor.

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