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Ken's Cafeteria

MenuIn a word: Neither maximum nor minimum this cafeterium.

The specs: #0295
Address, hours & details via Isthmus; monthly menu.

JM ate the #7 (ham, eggs, wheat toast) with an apple juice.
Nichole ate the #8 (scrambled eggs, raisin toast) with a decaf.
The bill was $7, or $3.50/person.
JM and Nichole gave Ken's Cafeteria a B (see our grading rubric).

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Ken's CafeteriaTo get to Ken's Cafeteria for breakfast, we had to be a little sly & sneak in amidst a crowd of legitimate state office drones. At 6:30 the place was still dark, but the Halloween tschotschkes gave it their best shot to lighten up the place.

Name-the-cafeteria contestYet, under the menu we saw a sight that struck fear into our hearts. A sign advertising a contest to rename the cafeteria hung there, taunting us. Nichole asked the cook how to enter the contest, and she said, "Oh! That was over yesterday. Now we're Hunky Dory's Cafe."


We show up to Ken's the day after it changes its name to an earlier letter. Watch for our very similar review of Hunky Dory's in a few months.


BreakfastAnyway, the food was pretty standard cafeteria breakfast food, cheap, warm and bland. It was nice that they had raisin toast, but Nichole didn't see the oatmeal on the menu soon enough - which is too bad, since if Ken's was as nice as Good Day's it's worth getting. JM  found the eggs a little gummy but OK and the ham was hot.

We'll be back, but not necessarily by choice.


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Well, technically you were there after the namechange, right? If you had gone the day before, then you'd probably have to go back, but I'd say this counts as an accidental going-out-of-order visit.

Well, that's a persuasive argument - I'll check with the mister. I doubt it will fly, though. The official Isthmus list rules our world.

How was Con Safos handled?

Well, the place looked entirely abandoned when we went there - no answer to the phone, no posted hours. They've been taken off the Eats list now, but if they show up again we'll give it another try.

Another good one in the same mold is the cafeteria in the Hill Farms state office building. Worth checking out for a decent breakfast at a good price.

I love how you guys still dramatically underestimate how long it'll take you to get to things. "A couple months"...heh.

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