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Jamba Juice

Update 12/1/16: Jamba Juice is closed.

In a word: Upscale Orange Julius.

The specs: #0272
Address, hours & details via Isthmus; official chain's web site; Jamba Juice on Urbanspoon

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JM drank the Strawberries Wild.
Nichole drank the Pomegranate Paradise.
We split an apple cinnamon pretzel.
The bill was $10, or $5/person.
JM gave Jamba Juice a B+; Nichole gave Jamba Juice a B (see our grading rubric).

Walking into Jamba Juice feels like walking into a cloud of baby aspirin, all sweet and orange. The noise of blenders constantly going full-blast and the bright, bright colors make for a near-overloaded sensory experience.

We had a bit of trouble placing our orders. Nichole felt quite old and deaf when she had to ask the clerk to repeat himself more than once. That unpleasantness over, she took some comfort in the idea that her Pomegranate Paradise would reverse the effects of aging with its fabulous antioxidant properties and whatever else Jamba Juice is selling with its smooshed fruit excretions.

JM has a theory that people generally don't like to eat fruit because it's too pulpy, so juice and smoothies are frequently made from them because the flavor and nutrients are palatable but the fiber is not.  On the other hand, JM did relish the little chunks of strawberry in the bottom of his cup.

The apple cinnamon pretzel came toasted, but resembled a pretzel in nothing but shape. This made it easy to stroll State St. while noshing. A large juice might make a refreshing substitute for a full meal on a hot summer night - at least, it's more likely to replace a burger than, say, a Chocolate Shoppe ice cream is.  Of course, the more State Street grows to look like a mall, the more Jamba Juice is its Orange Julius.


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The Jamba Juice concept has never really appealed to me. I'm not a big juice person, but when I am, give me a glass of some nice, pulpy OJ and that's all I need. Nothing fancy, please!

I have oftentimes missed Jamba Juice since moving from Madison. Especially when I can feel a cold coming on - its a nice little treat.

They used to have a really tasty lemon poppyseed mini bundt cake. Jamba Juice makes me happy, I can't help it. Might be because the manager still recognizes me from when I lived downtown and went there all the time (four years ago).

I love jamba...but that's probably why I work there. I love going to work there when I have to, and we get free smoothies. I'm a dietetics major and being behind the scenes i can tell you the stuff really is good for you.

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