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In the Company of Thieves

Update 4/13/11: In the Company of Thieves closed; Johnson Public House opened.

In a word: Idinnerod: 7 days, 7 restaurantsIn the company of good sandwich places.

The specs: #0260
Address, hours & details via Isthmus; reviews at Yelp; In The Co of Thieves on Urbanspoon

JM ate the ham and swiss panino.
Nichole ate the Thieves' Kiss panino.
The bill was $11, or $5.50/person, plus tip.
JM and Nichole both gave In the Company of Thieves an A- (see our grading rubric).

Latest In the Company of Thieves news and reviews

Our official Idinnerod visit to In the Company of Thieves was sadly canceled for the non-storm. Instead, Nichole swung by and got carry-out, which we ate in the safety of our basement.

The inside of the cafe was comfily shabby. It was also a plus that the staff were truly friendly & welcoming. While Nichole waited for the panini to toast, she observed that several patrons were availing themselves of the free wifi and/or gazing out the large window onto Johnson St. The sandwiches were ready fast, though, and spent the brief wait to dinner in our fridge.

Ham and swiss panino

The verdict: if these sandwiches were as good as they were after reheating, they must be amazing when hot off the iron. JM used a superlative expletive to describe his ham and swiss. The bread was the most awesome part: herbed (but not with too much basil, the bane of Nichole's existence) and with a more biscuitlike texture than most ciabatta, it really made the meal.

Artichoke panino

Even the moisture-heavy Thieve's Kiss (artichoke) panino held up OK. Though the edges had gotten a bit damp (again, not because of a design flaw so much as our delay) this was easily fixed with some reheating. There was a generous portion of delicious, tender filling that made for a satisfying dinner.


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As the new owner of In the company of Thieves I'm stoked you had an enjoyable experience. I invite you back this summer when all of my menu upgrades will be intact.

PS. We have switched to only using fair trade organic coffee.

i have to admit when i first walked in this place i was a bit nervous. it looks very hodgepodge in its decoration and shabby at first glance. but while waiting for my sandwich that quickly changed to eclectic dn very much endearing. i ordered the Thieves Kiss as well and an americano. it comes on square bread now(sourdough?) the americano was delicious and made quickly. the sandwich took some more time though(10 minutes?) the man working was genuinely friendly and it was a nice change of pace. the panino was delicious. im glad it wasnt slathered in butter on the outside, though it still crisped up nicely. the inside artichoke filling and provolone was perfect and tangy. a must eat if from Madison!!

i have to admit when i first walked in this place i was a bit nervous. it looks very hodgepodge in its decoration and shabby at first glance.

With the change in ownership, this place has gotten much better! I stopped in a couple weeks ago and it looks like Pete is sprucing things up inside too!

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