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Madison Interactive event: Food blogging in Madison

Come on down to the High Noon Saloon on Thursday, May 31 for a casual panel/meetup about the food blogging scene in Madison. If you read and/or eat, you will have a good time. (If you don't read or eat, what are you doing here?)

More details, including the featured guests, are on the Madison Interactive blog.

Update, June 1:

Thanks to all who attended & asked such excellent questions, and of course to the panel members who had great things to say. If you missed it, check the Madison Interactive blog for the video (coming soon), or read up:

Here's a bonus question we didn't have time to ask - anyone want to take a swing at it?

If the Madison food experience were distilled down into one meal, what would that meal be like?

Update, June 4:

Thanks to Mike Heuvelman, there's video at YouTube:

Part 1, in which JM gives Mad props and everyone introduces themselves.

Part 2, in which Monnie, Linda, Jonny, and Irene explain why some people do in fact care what you had for lunch, but also what's lacking in the online food writing realm; and explain how they choose what to write about.

Part 3, in which the term "foodie" is discussed.

Part 4, in which the panelists talk about restaurant web sites, farmer blogs, market wikis, and other areas of potential for the web. Members of the audience ask about restaurant accomodations for people with disabilities and allergies.

Part 5, in which the audience asks about whether it's weird to take photos of your food, the value of user-submitted restaurant reviews, and when to maintain your anonymity.

Part 6, in which the audience asks what's exciting in the Madison food scene, what we need more of, what makes you go back to a particular restaurant, and how restaurants recover from bad reviews.


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Looking forward to it!

Ah, so.

Thanks for hosting the event! Nichole, I'm sorry I had to go run off and let my dogs out. They rule my life! And thanks for the chocolate.
E-mail me about the activity you wanted to tell me about.

One Meal Madison: Grilled brats, boiled in Spotted Cow, served on a bed of free range tofu! ;-)

Thanks again for inviting me... it was a great time. I look forward to bumping into you again! And the chocolate was magnificent!

I enjoyed the evening as well. Pretty cool to put faces to JM and Nichole, too.

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