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El Cabrito

Update: El Cabrito is closed.

In a word: Authentic but not for us.

The specs: #0252
Address, hours & details via Isthmus.

JM ate the quesadilla platter and a Fanta.
Nichole ate a gordita (chicharrones rojas con queso) and a Coke.
The bill was under $10, or $5/person.
JM gave El Cabrito a B-; Nichole gave El Cabrito a B (see our grading rubric).

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We stopped at El Cabrito en route to Woodman's West, hoping to fill up before getting groceries (cuts down on the impulse purchases, don't you know). Neither of us ended up really full, but then, it took us a while to parse the big wall menu & decide what to get. The staff seemed to be made up entirely of teenage girls, who were courteous, but we still felt bad for interrupting the show they ware watching.

Gordito Nichole is embarrassed to admit that she didn't know what chicharrones were before today. And she never, ever wants to eat them again. Oh well. The thick tortilla, sauce and cheese made for a good faux-sandwich, however.

Quesadilla platterJM found his meal tasty but not especially notable. The typical beans and rice that filled out the platter were solid, if nothing special.

We think that if El Cabrito were the nearest place we could get homestyle Mexican, we'd frequent it. There may be some real gems hidden in the large menu, we just kind of struck out this time.


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El Cabrito is the nearest place to get homestyle Mexican for me, and I swing by for lunch from time to time. Their Tacos are good, as good as or better than anything I've had elsewhere in Madison. I admit the rice and beans are nothing to write home about, but then what Mexican place does have "great" rice and beans? Any recommendations I have ever received for "great Mexican food" seems based more on the quantity of liquor that flows. Taco-to-Taco, I think El Cabrito stands up just fine to any of the "best" in Madison. Try one next time, esp the potato Taco.

That sounds good - maybe we'll swing by again before another grocery run. Thanks for the tip!

So, I decided to try El Cabrito for lunch today since it is right around the corner. I think, that the food was delicious. However, it was hard to smell over the cleaning solution. They had just mopped the floors and had the doors shut and the smell of soap was overwhelming. At 1:00, still what I would consider "lunchtime", seemed weird to me that they'd do that. But, even with the cleaning solution jamming the taste signals, the tostada de ceviche was awesome, as was the chile relleno.

I just like the name of the place.

I work at this restaurant and i don't think it is all that great.

Then work harder.

Went here last night ... got the two-gordita plate, one was potatoes Mexicana and the other was shredded beef.

Very, very good. I will be back. The to-go box came with THREE varietes of modestly hot salsa, the gordita shells were fantastic, and the potatoes were delicious as well.

No teenage girls when I was there, either.

The last few times I've driven by El Cabrito it's looked vacant. Haven't confirmed this independently but I think the place is gone.

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