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Blue Chalk Club

Update: Blue Chalk Club is closed.

In a word: A good place to sink your teeth while you sink some shots.

The specs: #0247
Address, hours & details via Isthmus; Madtown Lounge profile; official web site, MySpace profile; closing announcement in WiSJ.

JM ate the Philly cheese steak with coleslaw and fries and a lemonade.
Nichole ate the Chicago-style dog with hot chips and applesauce.
The bill was $16, or $8/person, plus tip and pool.
JM and Nichole gave Blue Chalk Club a B+ (see our grading rubric).

Latest Blue Chalk Club news and reviews

Blue Chalk Club

The Blue Chalk Club didn't look like it was going to be open when we headed there for lunch on a Sunday. But despite the empty parking lot and unmarked front door, the club was open and the hosts welcomed us warmly as we entered the cool dark interior.

Philly-style cheesesteak

We ordered our sandwiches, noting that it was nice to get a choice of chips or fries and something moderately more nutritious, like applesauce, baked beans or coleslaw. JM's cheesesteak was quite good - Nichole could see the yummy grease accumulate on the toasted bun.  The steak was diced to tiny bits, but the green peppers and onions balanced that out and left a satifying fullness without bursting. The fries were coated and just right, but the coleslaw turned out to be icky. Without enough vinegar, the cabbage seemed too raw.

Chicago-style hot dog

Nichole's Chicago dog came pretty close to authentic. It was a big, quarter-pound dog on a steamed bun with diced onions, traditional relish, tomatoes (chopped, not wedge), a dill pickle spear, and 4 small sport peppers. There was no mustard on it, though brown and yellow were available on the side, and the celery salt wasn't apparent. The hot chips were uneven - some were overdone, some greaselogged. But some were the perfect combo of crispy and chewy. They may be on track to be as good as Harmony's with a little bleu cheese dip.

We stayed for some 9-ball, at which Nichole beat JM 2 out of 3, but then JM won three in a row to win 3 out of 5, including one nine sunk on the break! Blue Chalk Club's pool rates seem competitive (see chart - when we were there, x=8).

Time Price per hour
M-F 11-4 x-2
M-F Happy Hour x/2
M-F 6-11 x-1
Sat-Sun 11-6 x+1
Sat-Sun 6-11 x+2

All in all, the Blue Chalk Club is a nice replacement for the recently-closed westside pool hall, the Green Room. The free wifi and friendly staff are big plusses, too.


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The Brass Ring on E Wash has nice tables. I'm not much of a pool player, but I enjoyed playing on their enormous Olympic sized tables. Laura has eaten there a couple times and thought the food was good, but I can't vouch for it myself.

Closed due to bat infestation. (heh)

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