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Update 11/5/13: Husnu's is closed.

In a word: Güdfüd and güdfüryü.

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View of State Street from Husnu's front window

JM ate the lamb chop and chicken kebab with a Sprecher root beer.
Nichole ate the acorn squash with chicken and a mango lassi.
The bill was $32, or $16/person, plus tip.
JM gave Hüsnü's a B+; Nichole gave Hüsnü's an A- (see our grading rubric).

Husnu's saladHüsnü's is a State Street institution and a sweet spot to people-watch. Casual as all great Madison restaurants are, this place has its own special qualities.  It can feel less like a storefront and more like supper club from within.  Of course supper clubs don't serve the kinds of nosh we're talking about here.  But a homeyness and comfortability pervade, even without the usual gigantic-slab-of-meat specials.

JM's fresh green salad was somewhat one-note but not entirely boring, with crispy veggies.  The onion was nice and the lack of non-traditional greens was pleasant.

Husnu's lentil soup

The lentil soup had a sturdy tomato base and a bright, spicy flavor. The lentils were a wee bit hard, though. The mango lassi could have almost been a course on its own - sweet and velvety, perfect for sipping in between bites. JM was likewise pleased with his Sprecher root beer, which is always good.

Husnu's kabob

It was a challenge to find the meat on bits of JM's lamb chop. They were sequestered around bone corners that he'd've not thought to plumb. The chicken kabob was quite good, with well-chosen spices, which also spilled out onto the fortifying rice. Everything about the plate was distributed right. It was intense in just the right ways.

Husnu's squash

The acorn squash with chicken stew came in an ample portion that also served as Nichole's lunch the next day. The combination of flavors (salty chicken, sweet tomatoes, buttery squash) and textures was great. The yogurt garnish really smooths out the dish, while the rice does a notable job of not only filling out the meal but also stands out as tender and delicious on its own.

Nichole would come back anytime, and while JM might not come back per se, it's not for a lack of quality, nourishing food so much as the fact that he wants to get on with the List.


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WOW I think this is the best review you have done. Not to say that all your other stuff is lacking. Very Frank Bruni.

I've always thought that Husnus is a good choice if you are in the area.


Husnu's is one of my favorite Madison restaurants. It has been there since 1979 and has helped turn State Street into one of the best areas to eat today. Husnu's has such a cute atmosphere and fantastic food. Great review!

I agree the salad dressing was really bland. i added salt and pepper but would've liked something with a much stronger flavor of anything except plain yogurt.
Other than that my meal was excellent. I had the stuffed trout special and my companion had the lamb curry. I would definitely go back.

Thanks for the review. We've recently built a new web site. Check it out!

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