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House of Wisconsin Cheese

Update 2/2/10: House of Wisconsin Cheese is closed.

House of Wisconsin CheeseIn a word: Say "kitsch!"

The specs: #0241
Address, hours & details via Isthmus; review at Isthmus; architectural profile of Willett S. Main II Building; official web site.

JM ate the turkey and cheddar on white with a root beer.
Nichole ate the braunschweiger and swiss on wheat with a Dr Pepper.
The bill was $10, or $5/person, including a little green cow tchotchke.
JM gave House of Wisconsin Cheese a B+; Nichole gave House of Wisconsin Cheese an A- (see our grading rubric).

Latest House of Wisconsin Cheese news and reviews

Cheese caseIf you need a foam cheesehead for your coworker's favorite Beanie Baby, a bottle of raspberry wine, or just more cowbell, House of Wisconsin Cheese might be able to help. This welcoming little store on State St. serves up soup and sandwiches at lunch and all manner of other Wisconsin goodness the rest of the time.

SandwichesDue to the lunch-only hours (lest we review a round of Gouda) Nichole went on a sortie by herself and we enjoyed our lunch elsewhere. The guy behind the counter wrapped everything up swiftly and efficiently, complete with napkins, perfect for a picnic had it only been a lazy weekend instead of a working lunch.

When we dug in, we found both sandwiches were loaded with - surprise! - lots of cheese. Probably twice what you'd use at home or another sandwich-based restaurant. The bread holding up JM's turkey sandwich was average, the meat and cheese quite good (though the turkey tasted a little like tuna - weird). Nichole found her liverwurst sandwich superb and well worth the onion breath. What really made it special was the hot mustard and the incredibly sweet onions. They would have been worthy of Grandma's ketchup-and-onion-on-rye.

All in all, House of Wisconsin Cheese made a good lunch for relatively cheap. Plus, browsing the Wisconsiniana is lots of fun. Even - maybe especially - if you're not a tourist.

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They closed their store location. :-(
Once they get organized, I assume they plan to continue with their website, but only time will tell.

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