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Happy Wok

In a word: Wok on the mild side.

The specs: #0230
Address, hours & details via Isthmus; Happy Wok on Urbanspoon


JM ate the beef with peapods.
Nichole ate the tofu mixed vegetables.
The bill was $16, or $8/person, plus tip (thanks, Stef!).
JM and Nichole both gave Happy Wok a C+ (see our grading rubric).

Latest Happy Wok news and reviews

Happy Wok's food is cheap, inoffensive, decent but not really very good. This location feeds the hungry masses in the American Center, but it's probably lucky there's such a vacuum of lunch options out there. That might change with Erin's and the Holiday Inn restaurant, but maybe not - neither of those places is likely to fill you up for $5.

We stuck to our standard order, a couple average dinners and an order of rangoon. The rangoon were hot, chewy rather than crunchy, sweet, and rather damp. No discernible bits of fake crab could be seen.

The beef with peapods was not as good as JM remembered it. It was too sweet and rubbery.  The only respite would have been gained by dousing the whole entree in soy sauce, which would have led to its own flavor problems.  He's had a lot better.

To fu mixed veg

The tofu mixed veg was all fire and burn, and little flavor. On such a painfully cold day (this was during the sub-zero cold snap) something about it felt nourishing and quickening, however. It definitely made one's nose run.

Unlike many other Chinese takeout places, this Happy Wok has the advantage of a spacious dining room. They also pack your stuff as if it's to go even if you eat in. We both ended up with plenty of leftovers - it's just too bad they weren't that tasty.


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I live very close to this Happy Wok location, and I don't recall them serving SPAM there....DAVID. (if that is your real name)

You guys went to the wrong Happy Wok. Try the one in South Town. Really good egg rolls, a rarity in Madison, and good lunch specials. Everything is cooked up fast and fresh and the veggies are always fresh and crispy. Skip the Hot and Sour soup. The other locations around town are about as you described, but South Towne is a pleasant surprise.

The Oakwood Mall Happy Wok is no more. Sigh.

You SUCK- Happy Wok Crab Rangoon is THE BEST.

Happy Wok dumplings are the best. I have never had better dumplings than theirs.

I just wanted to mention a surprising lunch I had at the South Towne Happy Wok recently. As opposed to the location reviewed here, the South Towne location turns out reasonable priced, fresh dishes that are often not outstanding, but good value and taste compared to anything else in the area.

Last Friday, I decided to try something a little different and ordered the Empress Chicken - white meat chicken pieces dipped in a light egg batter, deep fried and served with vegetables in a spicy sweet sauce. Happy Wok's version was surprisingly light and tasty. The batter was light and perfectly fried with a light crispy skin that surrounded pieces of breast meat that were moist and tender. It was served in a tangy sauce with a fair amount of heat and a good helping of crisp vegetables. The under $7 dish came with white rice and was plenty for lunch and supper. Hard to beat. Highly recommended.

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