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Carl's Cakes

Update: Carl's Cakes is joining Food Fight.

In a word: Through the Dessert (or: The Frosting on the Cake).

The specs: #0222
Address, hours & details via Isthmus; profile at Dane County Buy Local.

JM ate a cupcake with a lemonade.
Nichole ate a piece of carrot cake.
We also got a bag of coffee beans.
The bill was $17 ($6 for dessert, $11 for coffee).
JM gave Carl's Cakes a B; Nichole gave Carl's Cakes an A- (see our grading rubric).

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Carl's Cakes

Unfortunately for us, we missed out on Carl's Cakes' lunch offerings, so this will be a somewhat incomplete review. Still, we got to sample some of the bakery's goods.

The dining room is cheery and bright, and Nichole especially liked the whimsical feel of the mismatched chairs at each table.  In addition, Nichole has a bit of a soft spot for bakery cafes (which the bakery cafes tend to make even softer).  The cake case was shiny-clean and offered a wide selection of cakes.

Carl's cake case

The clerk who helped us was very welcoming. While she packed up our choices, she told us a bit about the cafe, including the fun fact that if you get your wedding cake from Carl, he'll bake you a complementary first anniversary cake to spare you the freezer burn.

Box of goodies

Nichole failed to convince JM to eat the desserts first and then go to Cloud 9 (the next place on our list) for dinner, despite the fact that it was just down the road in Cottage Grove. So we went to Burger King (!) and brought our cake home. 

Carl's cake frosting

The carrot cake from Carl's was definitely among the top slices of carrot cake Nichole's had. The buttercream frosting on top and between the layers was definitely noteworthy. The frosting used on the side of the cake had a different flavor - an almost commercial bakery tang - no doubt made for easier decorating.

Carl's cake frosting

The cake itself was moist and packed with raisins and nuts, though it wasn't as spicy as some carrot cakes can be.

Carrot cake

JM enjoyed his cupcake, as evidenced by the fact that it was no longer available for photos shortly after we opened the box. He, too, said the frosting was the best part. He loved the sprinkles, though found the cake dry. And he's had one too many Nantucket Nectars lemonades at this point - they're a little too sour for his sweet tooth.

In a nutshell, Carl's Cakes is a pleasant place to pick up some scrummy desserts with great frosting. 


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