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Byrd's Pub and Grill

Update 2/13/11: Byrd's is closed.

In a word: OK for apps & taps.

The specs: #0218
Address, hours & details via Isthmus reviews at DL Madison Restaurant Reviews, Madison Fish Fry; official web site; Byrd's Pub & Grill on Urbanspoon

JM ate the smothered chicken sandwich with a lemonade.
Nichole ate the blackened bleu cheese burger with a Capital Amber.
We split a plate of wings (the Thursday special).
The bill was $28, or $14/person, plus tip with a coupon.
JM gave Byrd's a B; Nichole gave Byrd's a C- (see our grading rubric).

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Byrd's exterior

We checked out Byrd's on a Thursday night. That seemed like a fitting night for a sports bar, somehow. The space was noisy but not too crowded, with a few open seats at the bar and several open tables. Byrd's is smoke-free, though it need not be, which was a pleasant surprise.

We seated ourselves and Nichole happily noticed the posters saying Ale Asylum brews were available. Little did she know how her hopes would be crushed like so many cocktail napkins.

The cheerful server took our order for wings and JM's requisite lemonade. She said she didn't know which Ale Asylum choices they had, so she promised to return with a beer menu.

We idly watched the giant high-def TVs tuned to ESPN2 until the server came back and took our sandwich order. She brought a beer menu, but it didn't have Ale Asylum on it yet, so Nichole asked for a Capital Amber.

A bit later she came back to say they were out of Cap Amber. Another chance! Could she ask the bartender what they had from Ale Aslyum? Sure!

Byrd's wings

After a bit, our wings arrived with a bottle of Cap Amber and the news that the bar was too busy to be bothered. After a very short bit (1.5 wings later) our meal arrived.

The wings were actually first rate, with a nice choice of sauces. The celery looked a little sad & lonely (separate but equal, if you will), with three pieces on each plate.

Nichole thought it was nice to be able to substitute veggies for fries, but they arrived cold, and were almost certainly from a frozen mix. However, they were mercifully free of any questionable and possibly illegal-in-WI topping.

Byrd's burger

As for the blackened bleu cheese burger:

  • Bun: toasted sesame seed, high quality
  • Meat: dry (duh, it's blackened - but that doesn't mean it has to be a hockey puck)
  • Toppings: the cheese was nondescript, but borrowing the honey mustard from the wing plate helped. Bacon = bleargh.
  • Overall: 4 out of 10.

Byrd's chicken

JM's smothered chicken sandwich provided him with the rich taste of bacon, but he had filled up on wings and barely got the sandwich down.  The fries, too, were nothing too spectacular. Byrd's, as a whole, didn't make our stomach "Turn, Turn, Turn" but it also didn't make us feel "Eight Miles High" either. Take it or leave it.


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I recently dined at Byrd's and I must tell you it was excellent!

I ordered the fried pickles as an appetizer and they were outstanding! The outside was warm and crisp and the pickles held their crunch with every bite!

Next, I had the grilled chicken sandwitch with all the fixin's and steamed vegetables for a side. My sandwitch came out piping hot and was HUGE! To my surprise they actually steamed the vegetables when most restaurants only offer steamed but really cook it in oil.

I had a great dining experience and will not hesitate to bring all my friends with me next time I dine!

Thanks for the great night!


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