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Atlantis Taverna

In a word: Greek and mild.

The specs: #0216
Address, hours & details via Isthmus; reviews at Ruppert Food Blog, Mad City Eats, Madison Fish Fry, collected at del.icio.us; Atlantis Taverna on Urbanspoon

Brandy ate the plaki.
JM ate the souvlaki with a lemonade.
Mark ate the Atlantis grilled chicken breast.
Nichole ate the spanakopita and a cup of avgolemono soup.
The bill was about $50, or $12.50/person, plus tip.
Mark gave Atlantis Taverna an A; Brandy, JM and Nichole gave Atlantis Taverna a B+ (see our grading rubric).

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Back porch at Atlantis

We were joined on this foray by Brandy & Mark. Being Sun Prairie residents, they treated us to a bit of local dining-scene scuttlebutt. This storefront on Main St. has seen several restaurants pass through, the latest being a Mexican place that tanked rather quickly. Knowing that, we wondered if naming the new place after a continent that disappeared into the sea was a wise move, but having gotten hitched on a Friday the 13th, who are we to cast aspersions?

Mural at Altantis

The interior was colorful and brighter than it had been under earlier owners, thanks to new lighting and Tomie dePaola-like murals on several walls. We sat with our heads just below high tide on the one above. The dove-shaped boats have names: these are Atlantis (L) and Arostotle's (R).

The menu was about half American or Americanized fare (burgers and pizza?). We all chose from the Greek half of the menu, and between us managed a decent sampling of what Atlantis offers.

Spanakopita at Atlantis

Nichole started her meal with a cup of avgolemono soup, which, besides being fun to say, woke her mouth right up with its sharp lemon flavor and creamy texture. The spanakopita was a little flat, a little dry, but passable. Nichole would have liked a couple more cubes of feta with her dish, and found the vegetables to have been simmered a bit too long.

Souvlaki at Atlantis

JM refused to use the yogurt sauce that accompanied his souvlaki, and so found it a little dry, but OK.   He does like a good piece of chicken and the rice was quite nice. The lemonade was good, though.

Haddock at Atlantis

Brandy got bonus points for ordering the most intriguing dish on the menu: fish loin. (We're not the only ones puzzled by this phrase, so it can't be our relative un-foodiness, can it?) The haddock filet came baked under a layer of stewed vegetables that were a bit overcooked. However, she found that the green beans that accompanied everyone's entrees had a great flavor.

Atlantis chicken breast

Mark was most pleased with his dish, a healthy-tasting chicken breast with a healthy amount of feta, rice, and green beans. He described it as something he could see himself preparing at home, which is a good thing.

The welcoming interior, friendly staff and wide selection of non-gyro Greek choices make Atlantis Taverna a good (and hopeful more permenant) addition to the Sun Prairie dining scene.


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Absolutely terrible food. The spanikopita was soggy, the baklava stale, and the side of vegetables had the consistency of cat vomit. Please do not waste your money on this overpriced crap.

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