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Green Lantern

In a word: We'd give it a green light.

The specs: #0204
Address, hours & details via Isthmus; Bloody Mary review at In Search Of...; reviews at Wisconsin Fish Fry Reviews, Madison Fish Fry, Yelp; official web site; Green Lantern Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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JM ate the shrimp scampi and a lemonade.
John ate the seafood platter and a Spaten Optimator.
Judith ate the cod sandwich with an old fashioned, sweet.
Nichole ate the stuffed pork chop with "Wiggies" and a Spaten Optimator.
The bill was $53, or $13.25/person, plus tip.
JM and Nichole gave Green Lantern a B (see our grading rubric).

Green Lantern

Green Lantern is definitely picturesque, there on the shores of Lake Waubesa. We had the pleasure of John and Judith's company on this trip, which was especially fun since Judith had some good stories about the place.

Nichole and John both got a Spaten Optimator, which JM said looked like it had been scraped off the bottom of the barrel. Bah, we said. Judith got an old fashioned, sweet, which turned out to be quite excellent. JM was the most adventurous of all, sticking to his lemonade.

Green Lantern cod sandwich

Judith's cod sandwich had a little too much bun. The cod filet was very good, if a little small. Both the battered cod and the hash browns were great, crisp outside and moist inside. The cole slaw was tasty: vaguely KFC but a bit sweeter.

Green Lantern seafood platter

Of the seafood platter, John said it was far more food than humans should be allowed to have. It consisted of three shrimp, three scallops and a heapin' chunk of walleye, all deep fried in a decent batter that wasn't too heavy, but still left the walleye and scallops a bit greasy.

The shrimp stood up teriffically, though, and were certainly above-average bar food. The ranch fries were OK (though after seeing the hash browns, he wished he'd ordered them instead). The melted butter on the side was a bit of an overkill, given the grease content of the entree. The tartar sauce and cocktail sauce seemed food-service  grade. He acutally had to leave food, there was so much on the plate.

Green Lantern scampi

JM has to ask: "What's up with McFarland shrimp scampi?" He prefers his scampi to be like it was at Gaston's, just drizzled in massive quantities of butter.  Here, as in the Beach House just up the road, there were too many fricking noodles. He did find the lemonade surprisingly good, though and anytime he can enjoy a view of Lake Waubesa with good friends, well, he's pretty happy.

Green Lantern pork chop

Nichole's pork chop came with so much gravy that it was hard to tell the gristle/fat from the meat, which was itself kind of barnyard-y. The "wiggies" (hashbrowns with extra veggie goodness) were - wait for it - crispy outside and creamy inside. They had a strong pickle-like flavor that wasn't unpleasant. Green beans and slaw rounded off the meal.

We all agreed the service was excellent. The nice sunset view over the lake was worth it - and there's plenty of parking, too.


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Mmmmm... grease...

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