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Grape and Company

Update: Grape and Company closed.

In a word: Not so grape.

The specs: #0200!
Address, hours & details via Isthmus; reviews by Drew and at Yelp; official web site.

Aine ate a spinach cheese lunch scone and split a broccoli/romaine salad with Pete.
JM ate the roast beef sandwich and an apple juice.
Nichole and Rachel ate the chicken dumpling soup.
Pete ate the feta olive onion lunch scone and a root beer.
Peter ate the roast beef sandwich and an orange soda.
The bill was about $50, or $10/person, plus tip.
JM, Nichole, and Rachel gave Grape and Company a C+; Aine and Pete gave Grape and Company a C-; Peter gave Grape and Company a D+ (see our grading rubric).

Latest Grape and Company news and reviews

Grape and Company

We arrived at Grape and Company on a Saturday morning hoping for a leisurely brunch. We had to adjust our plans when it turned out there was a class on fine olive oils being held in the far end of the room, and we were basically asked to order and leave so as not to disturb the class. We tried our best, but it took nearly 20 minutes for our orders to be ready.

We took our meals to the tables outside Atlanta Bread Co. next door, and between the wind and the bees, had quite a time of it. JM was underwhelmed by his roast beef sandwich, of which the bread was the only part he really liked.  He also feels that this restaurant pales in comparison with Barrique's, which seems to be after the same market share.

Grape and Company roast beef sandwich

The soup that Rachel and Nichole ordered was quite good - warm and richly flavored, with great little dumplings. A librarian Nichole knew from neighboring Alicia Ashman branch happened to come over on her lunch break while we were there, and she said it's one of her favorites.

Grape and Company chicken dumpling soup

Of the salad and scones, which were mislabeled, Aine and Pete said they were just average. They're quite pretty and well-framed, though - Aine takes good pictures!

Grape and Company broccoli and romaine salad

The root beer, that had seemed so tempting in the cooler, turned out to not be so good. The styrofoam added a nice touch, though.

Grape and Company scone

Grape & Co. looks like a lovely place to find wine and fine olive oil, but it just didn't work out for us as a lunch destination. The most telling part of our 200th adventure was that while we retreated into Altanta Bread Co. next door for warmth, caffeine, dessert, and a place to relax and play Bang!, somebody else enjoyed part of our lunch.

Bee's knees


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But their pizza (served lunch Thurs/Fri/Sat) is the most amazing pizza I've ever had -- the guy even makes the cheese himself! And for under $4! It's almost enough for me to move back to Madison...

Aw dang, we knew we were overlooking something...that sounds yummy.

the pizza IS delicious. it was a simple margherita pizza, but it was perfect for last saturday's beautiful fall day. we ate outside, too, and had a casual conversation with the woman next to us who was a big grape&co fan. i agree that it all seemed a little pricey, but the service was great. and that's the kind of thing that makes me come back ...

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