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Good Day Coffee Shop

In a word: Like the government: sometimes good, sometimes questionable.

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Address, hours & details via Isthmus; Good Day Coffee Shop on Urbanspoon

JM ate a couple of breakfast sandwiches and an oj.
Nichole ate oatmeal and a coffee and an oj.
The bill was $11, or $5.50/person.
JM gave Good Day Coffee Shop a B-; Nichole gave Good Day Coffee Shop a B+ (see our grading rubric).

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Good Day Coffee Shop was another one of our A to Z adventures that almost got away. We arrived at GEF 2 early in the morning only to find the front doors locked. Good day, eh?

GEF directory and lobby

The warmth and light inside mocked us. Thankfully a wave and a knock on the window brought over a kind employee who let us in for a quick breakfast.

Good Day Coffee Shop exterior

The warm welcome extended to the counter where we placed our order. The staff at Good Day were quite friendly and quick, especially as compared to the folks sitting groggily at the other tables.

Nichole's medium coffee was more than she usually drinks in a whole day, but who's counting? Besides, caffeine is good for work. The oatmeal was just right, and the presentation was toooo cute:

Good Day Coffee Shop oatmeal

JM, who could eat at a government cafeteria every day if he wanted*, was less excited about it. He was also clearly jealous of Nichole's little paper cup of brown sugar and individual serving of milk. That didn't keep him from eating almost half his breakfast before Nichole could snap a picture.

Good Day Coffee Shop breakfast sandwich

The sandwich was neither tasty nor untasty: it was just sort of there. Also, it was his first experience with over-easy instead of scrambled eggs on a breakfast sandwich.  He didn't really like it.

Neither of us were that into the orange juice, which was a bit tinny, even for a cafeteria. But apparently Good Day Coffee Shop is the "in" place for cheap, good  downtown eats, and we'll agree that their breakfast fare is a good value.

*He doesn't.


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Good Day is closed right now for renovation along with the rest of the first floor of GEF2, but according to management it should be reopening on May 1.

What's a couple months, more or less? Good Day is open again as of today. They've also expanded their menu; the breakfast options are myriad, and they now have made-to-order subs and pizza. I passed on the subs today, but it's an impressive list of available meats, breads, cheeses and veggies. Instead, I had the special tuna salad on toast with cottage cheese. There had to have been an entire can of tuna on my sandwich, and the huge pile of cottage cheese was the best I've had at a restaurant. All for $3.95. And the owners are just as nice as they used to be. Every other downtown restaurant has probably just lost a lunch customer.

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