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Francois' Bakery & Cafe

Update: It seems Francois' is closed and is now a Sunprint.
Update #2: It seems the Sunprint's closed now too.

In a word: Hits one out of the park.

The specs: #0184
History by Chris Martell.

JM ate the ham and cheese croissant with an apple juice.
Nichole ate the sweet cheese panino with a coffee.
We split a chocolate croissant.
The bill was $12, or $6/person, plus tip.
JM and Nichole both gave Francois' Bakery & Cafe an A (see our grading rubric).

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We're in love. Nichole had never had grilled panini so toasty on the outside but warm and fluffy on the inside. The cream cheese and apricot preserve filling had achieved a state of sandwich fusion, perfectly balancing sweet and tart. The coffee was damn strong and beautifully rich.

JM was impressed that the ham and cheese croissant didn't buckle under the weight/grease of the delicious toppings. "Just plain yummy." The fruit salad garnish on each plate was a nice touch.

Francois Bakery

The chocolate croissant was beyond-words perfect. We apologize for the food-blog cliche photo above ("here's some food I already ate half of") but we couldn't wait.

On the way home, Nichole was unsuccessful in convincing JM to drive around the neighborhood to look for a place we could move within aroma distance of Francois' Bakery (sigh).


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What's the word here? I've driven by a couple times (albeit not in the last 4 or 5 days), and it's still closed. Your review was so positive, it's killing me I can't get there.

I still don't know what's up! Someone on the Isthmus Forum does, but they're being responsible & tactful. I'm starting to feel irresponsible for posting this tantalizing review after the goods are gone. *sigh*

Well, I can definitively say he's not in prison, so nuts to tact! I want my pain au chocolat!

I fear it's done completely. The sign is out of the door, and there are cleaning supplies on the counter. Bummer.

Man that sucks. Your review really made me want to go there and it was on my short list of things to do.

Hi folks! Just chill out ! Francois will be back very soon!! It's so touching to read about self.Love ya'all!!!


How does this jive with the fact that the website is down? What about the fact that now even the yellow banner is off the storefront? Are you moving? Changing names? Details would be great!

The secrecy is a little curious, not to say irritating, to long term loyal customers. I was there on day one, customer no. 3! Is this a ploy to generate free publicity in the form of frantic speculation about the deep mystery of it all? I will console myself with fond memories of a warm peach scone and a small triple skim latte at 7 a.m. on the way back to bed.

I heard this will now be a sunprint outlet? gag... so sad

Well, Francois used to bake for the one on Whitney Way...

Yes, so I guess it will still have some of his baking but, sunprint? I was hoping it would continue its ever so slow death...

Confirmed. Sunprint signs in window. "Coming soon" Oh well.

It is a shame. Even if Francois continues to bake for them, I cannot patronize anything by sunprint.

So, um, at the risk of asking a dumb question... what's specifically bad about sunprint? We're not to the s's yet, so I wouldn'know.

If it's dumb, we're dumb together. I hear a lot of badmouthing of Sunprint, but it's almost entirely attached to the topic of Francois. I've dug through The Daily Page, and found nothing but praise. What's the beef?

Well, as a former sunprint employee we can start with ethics. Besides that their food and menu is bland,boring quality is so so. Hope I don't sound bitter. I always thought Francois had a fair amount of talent. Really good croissants.

Ah! No, bitter is understandable... so it's *that* kind of place. One thing that does sometimes bug me about doing this project is having to patronize every place once, even if they're morally/ethically/tastefully questionable. (Hooters & Starbucks spring to mind.)

So, It does not look like anything is happening on Milwaukee St. Sunprint signs in the window but no activity at all...Why haven't we heard back from Francois?

Well, I visited the New Sun print / Old Francois. Very very disappointing. First, they made some really poor decorating choices. It is down right ugly in there. Subway Yellow everywhere. Second, no coffee choices. Third, pastry and bread almost gone at 11:30AM.(I did get a scone and it was pretty good) I asked if they had been busy and the lady behind the counter said - no? What? Then why no stuff? Fourth, The lady working, who I assume is the new owner, is rude, brusk and to old to be working behind the counter (I would guess she is close to 70). She was just plain unfriendly. I miss the old Francois. Well, great places never seem to last, mediocre ones do. I will be anxious to see what you guys think when you get to "S"

This is so sad. I wish I'd saved that menu.

The new Sunprint is now out of business as well. I called and asked, permently closed.
I hope someone else can open something stable there, I live in the neighborhood and we really need a food spot!

Oof. Talk about a cursed location. Someone get La Brioche on the line, and see if they need a second location!

My thoughts occasionally pass over Francois' bakery, since I'm driving past its former location on a semi-regular basis. I wondered what had become of him, and hit the Google.

I managed to find his wife's blog, and a recent post that mentioned him. Scroll down to the end of the comments to see what Francois has planned.

(Hint: MPLS)

The Twin Cities, eh? I'll have to keep my ears, eyes and nose open in the coming year should they indeed find a locale up here.

If Francois had opened his bakery downtown instead of on the far southeast side he would have had a profoundly successful run. I have to admit that after the space turned into 'Sunprint', I thought it was just a different business and never returned.

"Far southeast"? It's completely north of the uppermost edge of Lake Monona! And over a mile west of the Interstate. It's an east side location. Let's not overplay the distance factor in why it failed.

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