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Fraboni's Italian Specialties and Delicatessen

In a word: Worth the parking hassle!

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JM ate the turkey and cheddar sub with an IBC rootbeer.
Nichole ate the small Italian sub and some artichoke salad.
The bill was $19, or $9.50/person, plus tip.
JM and Nichole both gave Fraboni's an A- (see our grading rubric).


If we lived within walking distance, we'd probably go to Fraboni's every day. Their deli case is amazing, and we hear their Monona location is even more so.

Fraboni's deli case

JM's meal was fresh and tasty even though the quantity of bread was a little overwhelming.  Considering the sandwich had been made hours earlier, he wondered just how fresh their stuff was.  He'd nip back for a sandwich anytime.

He also observed that IBC root beer has been around for an awful long time. Then he remembered that several root beers date to 1919 (IBC, A&W, 1919 [duh]). We never made the connection, but apparently Prohibition was the root (beer) cause.

Nichole wonders if she can ever eat a Cousins sub again after tasting the real deal. Yum!

Overall, we found Fraboni's a charming store with helpful staff.


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I believe you can order any sandwich fresh from the deli counter even if they have 'em premade by the cash register.

The Fraboni's in Monona is wonderful. It's picnic season so I swung in there to get some pasta salad. I will now go there every time I need a dish to pass/picnic fixin's. Wonderful!

I've introduced many people to Fraboni's (in Monona), and they all desire a return trip. It's even becoming something of a tourist destination when friends visit from out of town, mostly because it makes for a great picnic lunch.

Agree about the picnic-quality of Frabonis. The sandwiches here are of high average quality. I'd still put them about a notch below Milio's, which I think is the best 'chain' sandwich shop in town. I came here recently looking for high-quality olive oils and cannolis; the olive oil selection was average to sub par and they said they hadn't made any cannolis in days.They should really consider finding a niche with Italian products that can't be found elsewhere in town. Otherwise there isn't much reason to go out of the way to visit the store. Worth stopping in for a sandwich, some meatballs, or a fresh made pizza crust though.

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