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Flaming Wok

update: Flaming Wok is closed. Is not. But is off the List. For now.

In a word:  Good meals, great egg rolls.

The specs: #0180
Address, hours & details via Isthmus; reviews at Cap Times, Yelp; Flaming Wok on Urbanspoon

Chuck ate the shrimp lo mein with a pork egg roll and an Ohana Punch.
JM ate the sesame chicken.
John ate the kung bao chicken with an egg roll and a Snapple.
JoEllen and Kami ate the sweet and sour chicken.
Nichole ate the pork with broccoli and pork fried rice and a Dr Pepper.
Steve ate the chicken chow mein with a pork egg roll and a Mountain Dew.
The bill was about $5 per person.
Chuck and Chuck gave Flaming Wok an A; JM and Chuck gave Flaming Wok an A-; Chuck gave Flaming Wok a B+; Chuck and Nichole gave Flaming Wok a B (see our grading rubric).

Latest Flaming Wok news and reviews

JM's ever-indulgent coworkers joined us for a quick lunch. Their comments, mostly unadulterated, are below.

Kami stuck to a safe order of sweet and sour chicken, which turned out to be fresh and crispy. JoEllen found the same dish to be a little too plain. Both Kami and JoEllen had leftovers, some for John and some for Kami's toddler (who was probably thrilled at the chicken-nuggetude). The sides - fried rice, egg rolls, and crab rangoon - were delicious.

John called his kung bao chicken spicy and delish. Of Flaming Wok, he wrote that it was "above average food that falls short of exquisiteness, but is very enjoyable and good for what it is." He said he'd come back, but if history is any indication it won't be without JM and Nichole.

Chuck observed that "Ohana in Hawaiian means family, yet in Chinese it means monkey bile." Hmmm...the crab racoons were fantastic, and the $0.75 lighter was a good score. If this were Chuck's blog he could say himself that the cashier was hot, but because it's not his blog, he can't.

Steve's Mountain Dew was refreshing (thank goodness). The chicken chow mein was fresh, hot and tasty, and garnered a B+. The egg roll, however, got a full-blown A for being fresh out of the fryer, crisp, and piping hot.

Nichole wasn't alone in thinking that the real plates, bowls and saucers rocked, but wondered why don't they have chopsticks out next to the plastic forks. She wished they had brown rice (picky, picky). JM was just happy that Flaming Wok, a quite small restaurant, handled our large group so well.

The consensus was that Flaming Wok is a pretty decent place for a workaday meal, if a little far from most offices.


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Nuh-uh, this isn't closed. I drove by it yesterday, and the sign was lit and someone was ordering at the counter.

I don't know why it's off The List, but it's still operating, and the sign still says Flaming Wok.

Weird! Thanks for the update.... this is why we maybe shouldn't bother trying to keep up with stuff.

I hope this place never closes, we frequent this place quite a bit, and me being a vegetarian, I'm quite picky about where I get Chinese food. Both Husband, Wife and Son are extremely nice people, the only caveat to the place is that they do not take credit or debit cards, so you have to go over to the Tyme machine and grab cash. Try the Egg Phoo Young, delish!! Forget Grand China (Too Bland) and Imperial Gardens and grab Flaming Wok Food..Nummy!!

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