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In a word: Sublimely subcontinental.

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Address, hours & details via Isthmus; reviews at Dane101, Yelp, Something Else to Do, 77 Square, Madison Fish Fry; Dobhan Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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JM ate the lamb kebab and a lemonade.
Nichole ate the cauli bhat tarkari and lalmohan.
The bill was $38, or $19/person, plus tip.
JM gave Dobhan an A-; Nichole gave Dobhan an A (see our grading rubric).

We liked Dobhan's older sibling Chautara, but we'd probably go back to Dobhan first. We almost wanted to say "In a word: Subcontinental 101" because of its uniquely accessible, yet  not watered-down, menu.

First of all, the place is beautiful. The bright colors, inlaid tile floor, and even the napkin rings, which begged to be played with (but please don't) provide a refreshing experience.

JM is always a touch hesitant to try food form south-central Asia.  His lamb entree, however, was excellent, as was the salad and even the veggies.  That's 3 things JM officially doesn't like that ended up good to excellent. Bravo! This was fortunate because the lamb kebab was the only thing on the menu he felt confident trying.  The prices were a little high, especially since he walked out without being full.

Dobhan must have improved since the State Journal's review, since the bhat tarkari veggie stew Nichole ate was cooked just the right amount (essential, especially for cauliflower). The service, too, was polished and attentive.

At our server's recommendation, Nichole tried the lalmohan dessert - a new experience that didn't diasappoint. Lalmohan, at least the way Dobhan's owner bakes them, are, crudely put, like donut holes served chilled and soaked in orange blossom water.  Yummy.


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I would have to say for food - A+ for atmosphere B-. Love the fact that they don't skimp on the veggies - my lamb tangine was fantastic. And for what you get - the price is wonderful.

My only really negative thoughts were that this restaurant, unlike it's sister on State Street, doesn't quite know what it wants to be. Most aspects of the decor say Asian - with a smattering of Bob Marley pictures back by the restrooms. Wine was served in highball glasses rather than wine glasses and the "cute napkin rings" are actually hose clamps used in engine.

But if you want great food - for a pretty good price - this is a nice stop.

This place is WONDERFUL! I just ate brunch there (I had the lamb crepe, he had the stake and eggs) and I can't compliment them enough! Everyone on the east side should give this place a try! I can't believe this gem has been here for 2 years and I didn't know. LOVE IT!!

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