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Curry in the Box

In a word: Scurry and hurry if you like the curry.

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Address, hours & details via Isthmus; reviews by Samara Kalk Derby, Ruppert Food Blog, 77 Square, the Culinary Adventures of Jahboh and Tossy; official web site; Curry in the Box on Urbanspoon

JM ate the chicken tikka masala and a fountain drink.
John ate the chicken ranmi and Nantucket Nectars OJ.
Nichole ate the chicken Murg SaaGwala and a fountain drink.
The bill was about $30, or $10/person, plus tip.
JM gave Curry in the Box a B+; John gave Curry in the Box an A-; Nichole gave Curry in the Box an A (see our grading rubric).

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So, Curry n' Hurry moved out of University Square and sold their recipes to Curry in the Box, Fitchburg.


Curry in a Box exterior

Thank goodness the peacock moved with them! It's about the only character in the pleasant, but (in)distinctly Fitchburger atmosphere. Comparisons to Noodles and Cranberry Creek are not without merit.

Curry in a Box peacock

Nichole's murg saagwala, or chicken & spinach curry, was creamy and delish. Curry in the Box has spruced up the presentation a bit over Curry n' Hurry's styrofoam plates. (That must be where the $2 increase goes.)

Curry in a Box murg saagwala

They still serve their entrees with the same spicy papad bread and deceptively cooling/fiery raita cucumber yogurt on the side.

John wrote of his chicken dish that sweet and spicy made a wonderfully tasty combination. It set a benchmark for his future curry meals (of which this was the first). In sum, "Nummy nummy!"

Curry in a Box chicken curry

The chicken tikka masala JM ordered was better than Curry 'n' Hurry's. He said he enjoyed it, but he's not the world's biggest curry fan.  The portions here were a little large, and to him curry (esp. this kind for some reason) tends to be a bit of a one-note flavor.  Enjoyable but better as a flavor in a side dish, hethinks.

It's hard not to compare Curry in a Box to its predecessor, but we think it stands tall on its own.


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Cripes! Even the logo looks like Noodles!

Nevertheless, it's good to know Curry 'n' Hurry isn't completely gone.

I am a Fitchburger and have to tell you this is a welcome addition to the area. While the decor is decidedly strip mall (bland, but clean and comfortable), the food is fresh and flavorful. We love to carryout for dinner (and next day's lunch due to portion size). I also go for lunch regularly, even though the prices are the same and so it's a little pricey. I've tried about 1/2 the menu and havent' been disappointed yet. The veggie curry (with Tofu) was excellent which is noteworthy for me since I'm a carnivore who typically shies from tofu. The samosas are yummy too.

Looking for a recipe for lentil soup that Bunky's Restaurant in Madison now serves. Do you possibly have it???

The missus and I made a longer-than-usual dinner trip to Curry in the Box, and it was well worth it.

She had the tikka masala (same as JM, except this is her prohibitive favorite Indian dish), while I had the new-to-the-menu sweet potato curry (it's a chicken dish).

The servings were ample, which is what you'd hope for with a place like this; curries and stir-fries are pretty low overhead, so $9 should equal two meals' worth.

The heat and flavor were great. The tikka is more floral-aromatic than most, and the sweet potato curry had just enough heat to keep it from being too dessert-y. Best of all, the sweet potato chunks were cooked to softness, and not left al dente like at other restaurants.

On top of all this, the restaurant was clean and well lit, and the girl working the front was super nice and made an intelligent suggestion for me when I couldn't decide between the sweet potato and the green curried beef.

Definite 'A'.

The Lemon Chicken is absolutely delicious, with plenty leftover for lunch.

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