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Bull's BBQ

Update: Bull's has closed.

In a word: OMGWTFBBQ! Best. Chicken. Evar.

The specs: #0165
Address, hours & details via Isthmus; official web site.

JM and Nichole split Combo #2, chicken and a 1/2 rack of ribs with mac & cheese and smoked corn. We each had a bottled soda.
The bill was $20. or $10/person, plus tip.
JM and Nichole both gave Bull's BBQ an A (see our grading rubric).

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We both swear the BBQ chicken at Bull's is way up there in the top 5 chicken dinners ever list. O RLY? YA RLY!

Meanwhile, the St. Louis-style ribs were merely excellent, not quite divine, while the mac and cheese was OK but not institutional. Their high standards were evident in the super-clean, bright dining room and the friendly service (not to mention a pretty decent web site).

The chicken, though, pwn3d. Get the chicken. You don't know from moist and flavorful until you've tried it. The whole experience was the perfect inaugural meal for the 2006 BBQ season.  It was teh r0xx0r!!!one!1! g2g


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It had to be good if it can make you stick with the 733t speak for an entire review. Bull's sounds meme-tastic.


Dang! I can't remember you guys getting this excited over a restaurant to date. I'm not a big BBQ chicken fan but I may have to check this out.

This review sponsored by Fark.com? A hungry public demands more internet cliches!

Hey thanks for the GREAT COMPLIMENTS. Jason and I appreciate that. We try really hard to accomplish this and i guess it shows. When you come back i will buy you dinner.
Thanks a bunch.
Dave DeSerre
Bulls BBQ

Yay! The boss is reading!

That clinches it. Tech-savvy restaurants get my business automatically.


Whew! Finally found the time to get to Bull's. Holy lord. Talk about a huge pile of meat.

I ate (barely) the beef brisket platter, with smoked corn and "cheez-y" potatoes. The lady enjoyed a pulled pork sandwich with potato salad. Somehow, the potato salad (being not quite in line with what she likes in a potato salad) ended up getting traded for the cheez-y potatoes. I must be a pretty nice guy. I thought the potato salad was fine.

The main dishes, however, were amazing. Not one bit of gristle or excessive fat. The brisket was slightly marbled, but that's how it was supposed to be. I was a member of the clean plate club.

The brisket is served partially shredded, just in case you like yours in intact slabs. It's also bathed in the BBQ sauce of the house, which is really good. Kind of sweet, a little tangy. If they made a hot version, I'd truly be all over it.

If the food is as good as it was this time if when I go back, I will say happily that Bull's ranks clearly above the two big boys in the market (Famous Dave's and Smokey Bones).

Word is, Bull's is closed indefinitely and up for sale. Check the Daily Page for more info, if there is any.

Sucks super hard.

Hey now! Check me out! I've got news! Potential return of Bull's, albeit under new ownership and nom de guerre.

Good tidings of great joy!!

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