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Brewer Square Gallery Bistro

update 10/20/06: Brewer Square gallery Bistro has closed.

In a word: Nice and small.

The specs: #0164
JM ate the crab cakes with a Sierra Mist.
Nichole ate the wine country salad with a syrah.
The bill was $21, or $10.50/person, plus tip (thanks, 2-for-1 from 5-6!).
JM and Nichole both gave Brewer Square Gallery Bistro an A- (see our grading rubric).

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Brewer Square Gallery Bistro billboard

It's easy to find Brewer Square Gallery Bistro, at least for now while its huge red billboard hovers over downtown Sun Prairie. It's not a bad little place to get a light, slightly fancy dinner. As the name implies, the bistro is connected to the Brewer Square gallery (which we sadly didn't take the time to see).

Brewer Square Gallery on the right, Bistro on the left

JM was at first very taken aback.  They did not have lemonade!  Despite this, JM enjoyed this 'straunt because of his great crab cakes which were warm and not too gooey with a zesty kick (the sauce was a great complement) and he also enjoyed the cheesy bread basket. He also was a bit disappointed to find only cheesecake and truffles for dessert -- but he knows many, many people who wouldn't be.

Brewer Square Gallery Bistro crab cakes and salad

The salad Nichole got was perfectly balanced: lightly candied walnuts and sweet raspberry vinaigrette were given substance with fresh greens and piquant gorgonzola, while the pear slices were cool and refreshing. We were also impressed with the waiter's straightforward wine help and that the chef came out to say hi.

There were some other dishes we'd like to try, especially the mustard remoulade pork tenderloin and duck salad. Not bad for a menu with just 14 items. We really warmed up to Brewer Square when we realized our timing was perfect: entrees are 2-for-1 from 5 to 6pm, which left enough for a Blizzard (gasp) on the way home to Madison.

Brewer Square Gallery Bistro


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My husband and I went here after the great review. Our crab cakes were fabulous! Chock full of crab meat and the sauce was an excellent compliment. We also had the flatbread which was topped with fresh mozzerella slices! I was very impressed with the wines available by the glass. Many are my favorites and several I have never tried before, but sound interesting. They let me taste a couple before deciding which wine I wanted. The bread was great and the service was right on. They will be opening up an outdoor seating area in the next month or so which will also add to the great relaxed, jazzy atmosphere of the place. There are several items on the menu that looked really appealing to me from tuna to salads. All in all, this place is a winner. We'll be back!

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