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EVP Coffee

In a word: Yes, I'm ready.

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Address, hours & details via Isthmus; Nick at Dane101 reviews east and west; reviews at Yelp; official web site; Etes-Vous Prets EVP Coffee house on Urbanspoon

Latest EVP Coffee news and reviews

JM ate a piece of Wisconsin Cheesecakery chocolate chip cheesecake and an apple juice.
Nichole had a "Thor."
The bill was $6, or $3/person.
JM gave EVP a B; Nichole gave EVP an A (see our grading rubric).

EVP exterior

JM's baseline for coffee shops is a C+.  His aversion to coffee has provided him with many an unmemorable dining experience.   EVP, while not a dynamo, also was better than expected.  The cheesecake was delectable and the smell of the beans did not overwhelm his AJ.

Santa at EVP

The barista was fast and very friendly, and even offered Nichole an extra shot of frothy espresso in the "Thor" (basically a redeye, a shot in a full-size mug topped with another 8 ounces of coffee). The space is on the functional end of the comfort scale, which is just right for a coffee shop that fronts an actual working roaster.



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Tyler Kremin -- the guy was soup artist.

See you at the Echo Sunday Afternoon for a Memorial Potluck, 2PM - ?

This is sad news!

I often smell EVP's beans roasting as I drive down E Wash, and it is so pleasant. Also, the place is kid friendly and the owner is really nice. She tries to create an environment that is friendly. The baristas are really awesome. Everybody should go there from time to time. : )

This place has great coffee; I love the serve yourself coffee bar. However, the ambiance is similar to drinking coffee on a dirty sofa in your garage.

Perfect espresso drinks. The best in the city by far. The Baristas are truely talented (and there is both a science and art to the process that takes knowledge, practice and skill to achieve great results). The coffee on the otherhand, at least for me, is too strong and bitter for my tastes.

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