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Eno Vino Wine Bar and Bistro

In a word:  Food = good ; Volume = Yikes!

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Address, hours & details via Isthmus; reviews: Mary McCoy, Nina Camic, Chilimuffin, Eat Me, Yelp, Madison Foodie, Brownies & Zucchini; official web site, Eno Vino Wine Bar & Bistro on Urbanspoon

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JM ate the sausage and mushroom pizza.
Nichole ate the mache salad.
We split the halibut with lobster risotto.
The bill was about $40, or $20/person, plus tip.
JM gave Eno Vino an A-; Nichole gave Eno Vino a B (see our grading rubric).

They've got a veritable wine bible, but no lemonade. Schade. That lacuna, paired with the intensely garlicky butter (again!) was tough to take. It did spur a conversation about how you can have too much garlic, but never too much bacon. More research is warranted. (Or just more bacon.)

The pizza was the first one we'd had with sauteed mushrooms - yum. The sauce had too raw a tomato flavor but overall it was a good choice.

Nichole will state for the record that her mache, cranberry, pear, and bleu cheese salad was pretty damn good.

The gem of the meal was the lobster risotto with grilled halibut, which was melt-in-the mouth sublime. That, and the über-friendly service, almost countered the ambience, which was too loud, too frou, and too fake. We'd call it a perfect place for an upwardly mobile girls' night out.


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Well I have to say living close to Eno Vino makes it a frequent stop for myself, also being friends with the manager does not hurt. My favorite thing on the menu is the spring rolls. And the drink of choice well I will just list them by favorite. The peanut butter martini almost like an ice cream drink, then the key lime pie martini and I will end with the paradise martinin Yum Yum! I give Eno Vino an A

The excellent buffet is not that expensive -- $12 or maybe $13.

Avail. Friday nights only.

There is NO buffet at Eno Vino!!!!! You must be thinking of someplace else.

Anyway, as other reviewers say the place can be busy, loud and it is a bit "upwardly mobile", especially on Friday and Sat night primetime, but then again what bar isn't. Lots of divorced women looking for action with rhinestones on their belts on the weekends too. Once was a kid crying there, it's like a bar, get a babysitter or go to Fridays maybe chucky cheese. On the other hand I have been about five or six times, and the best time I was there was on Sunday, it was quiet and very elegant and we got spoiled.

Eeno Vino is expensive so be prepared. We spent $250 without trying for four peole. Our server was Lorie, she was formal polite and helpful. She explained the menu and said everyone approaches the menu by ear however they like, but that everything was small and people could mix and match however. So we got some salad, the mach was good with blue cheese, and also bisques with lobster. The salad was better than the soup but all was good. The waitress knew wine and she took the pressure off having to read many pages through the list, its really big. Do not go looking for a beer, they have like 4 choices but martinis are tempting also mostly for dessert (black cherry martini for me for dessert!). Also the waitress was fun to watch for wine, she opened the bottle with the smallest dinky screw. We went with good white wine she suggested for us, we dont drink wine usually and the wine list is long and might be confusing for beginners, so if you need a suggestion they can help!! It matched with the bass, which had good rich sauce on it, just the right amoiunt. We also had files with red wine sauce, and something red that Lindsey helped pick for us. She considerately asked if we wanted redwine with the steak, we said to surprise us so she did, and it was another good match. She really took care of us, great service!!! She was also nice and helped a different waitress who dropped a glass on the floor to pick it up and told her it was ok not to worry and smiled, and then she was right bck there with us again. Downside, the tables were a little uneven like pushed together, and the music sucks like its playing in an elevator but you can ignore it.

We will come back for sure, really good place, excellent food, but come on a weekday or Sunday if you want some time with your wife/husband that is romantic, save weekends for the singles, it is too busy for me then!!

Thanks for such a motivational speech. My wife is not very much outgoing, specially when it comes to drinking. Shh! don't tell her I'll pay you a visit there someday :D

We tried Eno Vino for the first time last night and it will definitely be our last visit there. Our waitress was terribly rude; insisting everyone order at least two plates per person because the portions are so small. At $15-$20 a plate, I think I'll stick with one. When all the food came, there was no place on their tiny tables to put it all. The atmosphere was loud and cramped. Wine selection was pretty poor for the price. Typical west side Madison restaurant, overpriced food and home to too many fake overdressed yuppies. Thumbs down!

I chose Eno Vino for my birthday this year. I found our waitress to be incredibly helpful. She helped me pick drinks that I would not have tried but enjoyed a great deal (one came with a blue glowstick in it).

While there are menu items that are $20 a plate, there are also many that are under $10. I would say the average plate is $15.

My husband and I each ordered one plate and split a bruschetta order. I left full but not stuffed.

I had the pork medallions with the sweet potatoes and the cider reduction. My husband had the foi gras. It was delicious.

I recommend it highly.

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