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Emian's European Bakery & Deli

Update: Emian's closed and reopened as El Bolillo.

In a word: Ideal truancy or lunch option.

The specs: #0156
Address, hours & details via Isthmus; Emian's Bakery & Cafe on Urbanspoon

JM ate the ham and cheese croissant with an apple juice.
Nichole ate the curry chicken salad sandwich.
We split a chocolate croissant.
The bill was $12, or $6/person.
JM gave Emian's an A-; Nichole gave Emian's an A (see our grading rubric).

Latest Emian's news and reviews

What a great place - spacious & bright, with good food and friendly people. We couldn't ask for more in a bakery or small cafe. Neither can the students of Monona Grove High School, just down the street. It was quiet at 5pm when we arrived, but at 3 it was packed, according to the nice guy who fixed our order.

Both sandwiches were fresh and well-made. JM's ham and cheese croissant came from the bakery case and yet was tasty. The only thing that he could have improved on was the cheese, which was not bad, but swiss leaves him a little unfulfilled with respect to cheeses.

It was nice to see milk in the drinks cooler as well. We split a chocolate croissant ("pain au chocolat, sweetie") which would have complemented a cool moo juice well. We declared MyCroissant Outlook to be chocolatey and eventually succumbed to MyCroissant Excess. (Say it, it's almost funny.)


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(Say it, it's almost funny)

I'd rather not.

Who was correcting whom on the nomenclature for chocolate-dipped pastries?

I'm glad this place is good, I've been considering giving it a shot for a while now.

You'll be glad you did.

The pastry nomenclature comes from Ab Fab. Edina was correcting Saffy ("it's just the chocolate I have to avoid in these, darling - I'm all right with the pastry").

The Mex food here is great too! The owners formerly ran Sacramento Bakery on Odana... which doesn't seem to be quite as good these days...

Appears to be closed. It's on my commute now, which means that A) I see it more often, but also B) I rarely have time to stop.

Wasn't this the place that recently moved into the Market Street Diner in Sun Prairie? Or at least the bakery part of it?

No, that was Carl's Cakes.

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