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Eldorado Grill

In a word: Upscale Southwest comes down home on the near east side.

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Address, hours & details via Isthmus; reviews by the Madison Packard, Taco Addiction, Madison Date Night, Christopher Robin, Yelp, Cap Times, Madison Brunch, World of Flavors; Kevin Tubb's website; official web site; Eldorado Grill on Urbanspoon

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JM ate the green chili chicken enchilada.
Nichole ate the spinach enchiladas with coffee.
The bill was $23, or $11.50/person, plus tip.
JM gave Eldorado Grill a B; Nichole gave Eldorado Grill an A- (see our grading rubric).

Door to Eldorado Grill

Eldorado Grill gets a lot of good press as one of Madison's Food Fight restaurants, and it's well-deserved. What struck us, though, was how much more chichi it was than Hubbard St., which, being in posh Middleton, suffers some slings and arrows from Willy St. partisans (and vice versa). Anyway, it's not about that, it's all about the food.

Nichole's spinach enchiladas were amazing in their fried and creamy goodness (thanks for the tip, Lorraine!). The hashbrowns were seasoned perfectly & the green olives in the salsa was a nice twist. The coffee was good and strong. The vegetarian empanadas also came highly recommended - we'll just have to go back.

JM, on the other hand, was underwhelmed. His chicken enchilada had TOO MANY BEANS, according to our notes. But then, Nichole thought the notes also said, "Undead lick to my drawers," when they mean "Would like to try dinner." 

JM can stand here all day and be insulted for his handwriting, but he'd rather point out that he'd had a bad bean experience at Bluephie's and that their menu seems to have matured and diversified; he hopes Eldorado's will do the same.

This is a gloomy exterior shot - there's a lovelier nighttime pic over at flickr. Eldorado's insides are gorgeous, lovingly restored industrial space, and y'all should give it a try.

Eldorado Grill sign


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Excellent restaurant and good service. Lots of food. She likes the grilled lobster, shrimp and crab enchiladas. I love the beef fajitas. It is also a comfortable restaurant and a nice location. I would definitely recommend to anyone.

Although I am often seen as a Food Fight apologist, I will risk reinforcing that impression by saying that my most recent meal at Eldorado was absolutely wonderful.

Me: house margarita, up; chicken gordo (breast stuffed with potatoes and chorizo); chocolate ancho pecan pie; Patron XO Cafe cordial (by request, not on the drinks menu)

The lady: mojito; smoked chicken enchiladas; Patron XO Russian; cinnamon creme brulee.

Everything was perfect, including the chips and salsa we shared to start. It was a Tuesday night, so very quiet. But the service was appropriately attentive, and their willingness to serve up a by-request drink was exactly as it should be.

I thought the food was not good for the price. For BBQ Famous daves is much better. For mexican just about anywhere is better and 1/2 as much.

Our bill for 2 people each with a beer was $67.

If you're judging barbecue by Famous Dave's standards, you've got to broaden your horizons. What did you order that food was $50+? Starters? Mains? Desserts?

What is the standard that Madison BBQ is judged by, if not Famous Dave's? I haven't been at all impressed with Fat Jacks, Smoky Johns or Papa Bears (or whatever that shack in Monona is called now).

I've always considered Famous Dave's the most consistent and quality BBQ available around here. Am I missing a gem?

As far as El Dorado, I've had some good meals there, but I agree that it's overpriced for what you're actually getting. Nice tequilla selection though.

We went to Eldorado Grill for Restaurant Week (thank you, Madison Magazine). I'll admit that I'm not typically a fan of southwestern food, but I was very pleasantly surprised at how much I liked it. Or, should I say, LOVED it. I had the stuffed ancho chile appetizer and the spinach enchiladas, the other half had the KT's chili and the pulled pork. I definitely placed the better order - he wasn't over the moon, but I loved everything I had and would definitely go back.

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