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Cuppa Jo

Update: Cuppa Jo is now Crema Cafe.

In a word: Comfy but inconsistent.

The specs: #0146
Address, hours & details via Isthmus.

JM ate a cinnamon roll and an apple juice.
Nichole had a Mardi Gras (white and dark chocolate mocha).
The bill was $7, or $3.50/person, plus tip.
JM gave Cuppa Jo a B; Nichole gave Cuppa Jo a B+ (see our grading rubric).

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Cuppa Jo exterior

Cuppa Jo's Mardi Gras specialty coffee came well-recommended (thanks, Lisa!). On Nichole's last visit to Cuppa Jo, the mocha she got was less than robust. This time the coffee flavor was strong and the combination of chocolates was well done.

Cup wall at Cuppa Jo

JM, as per usual for him in coffee houses, found few choices.   It was between soup and bakery.  No hot cocoa on a snowy day, for shame!  The apple juice was okay but it was from a bottle.  The roll was sweet and chewy despite being towards the end of its shelf life.  He was also pleased at the lack of "overpowering coffee smell" that plagues so many of these establishments.

Bulletin board

We had  a nice chat with the owner & barista, who was rightfully curious about why we were snapping pictures of the store from the snowy parking lot. She was not only tolerant of our foodie tourism, but downright welcoming.  If Nichole can drag JM back to any of the coffee shops we've visited, we may be back when we're in the area.


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I have been going to Cuppa Jo for several years now and the place has become one of my favorite spots in Madison. I mainly have their espresso drinks and their beans make a better coffee than any in Madison by my taste buds.

Truly the best part of Cuppa Jo is the people who come there. I have seen the place go from dead quiet to a large group conversation in minutes. The real gem is Ann who is co-owner and barista. She is a sweet and very funny person who can speak on all manner of topics and who will go out of her way to introduce patrons to kindred spirits.

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