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Update: Cocoliquot is closing in February 2008.

In a word: DT Rest seeks Hgry Cupl for Abbr. Dining

The specs: #0143
Address, hours & details via Isthmus; pics by and of Althouse; reviews by Nina Camic, at Dane101, Yelp, Christopher Robin, Kyle, and Kathy, parts one and two; official web site.

JM and Nichole ate the trio of rillettes (rabbit, pork and duck), pommes frites, truffle mac and cheese, two chocolates (milk chocolate silk and caribbean fire),  xocolatl, and a limonade.
The bill was $31, or $15.50/person, plus tip.
JM and Nichole both gave Cocoliquot an A- (see our grading rubric).

Latest Cocoliquot news and reviews

It was a blustery cold day when JM and Nichole met at Cocoliquot (adapted French for "Little Plate" although JM hears echoes of the squeaky guy) for a pre-concert bit of nosh.  Our server guided us skillfully and genially through the menu and made us feel at ease.

Nichole's rillettes were almost too rich despite the delicate portions, but she did enjoy gaining a little revenge on the rabbits.  JM found his mac & cheese (Nichole thinks his idee fixe of "favorite food" is adorable) to be quite tasty and the lemonade was good though - obviously - a change from Minute Maid.

But it was the pommes frites (French for french fries; BONUS fact:  American cheese is called Canadian cheese in Canada) that really filled us both up, yet the mayonnaisse, similar to Dotty's "English sauce,"  left JM tasting garlic for the next seven hours.

On the chocolate front, predictably, JM was not blown away while Nichole was wowed.  The Carribean fire, a splendidly peppery choice, was just the thing to keep her warm on the walk to the Overture Center.

If you go, take advantage of the open kitchen and large windows on the chocolatier's station to see David Bacco in action. Our server encouraged us to peek in on where Bacco was pouring chocolate into the glitter-dusted molds that give his confections their distinctive shimmer. In the end, Nichole has to admit partiality to the earthier style of another local chocolatier. Which is not to say she takes for granted the fact that one can't swing a cat in Madison without hitting a world-class chocolate artisan.

With little plates, you'll want to take one more leap.
The vegetables looked inviting, but the price a little steep.
Avoid the fries lest you enjoy sweating garlic in your sleep. 
We'd recommend Cocoliquot, though it ain't somewhere cheap.

(Shoot us now.)


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I thought I'd let you know that "Cocoliquot" is not a play on "little plate," but a play on "Coquelicot," which is the French for "poppy."

This is the flower, not the seed.

Thank you, Matthew - our apologies.

World class chocolatiers? Well, if your world ends at the Wisconsin state border, I suppose that's accurate. Cocoliquot is OK but way overpriced. Some of the chocolate is indeed quite good, but please, have you ever been to Switzerland? Or even New York?

Good, good, GOOD. Went there for Madison Restaurant Week last night. It was damn fine. And the chocolates are killer. Still waiting for the right time to eat my Caribbean Fire.

Since you've posted this, we've been to Coco several times for drinks and chocolates, which we've always adored. Last night we went there (because of Restaraunt Week) for the first time for "real" food. Um, is it just me, or is French-Bistro-Wisconsin food bland? My husband had the steak frites, which he said was lovely, but while my fish had an interesting texture, it was almost flavorless, and the lentil compote underneath it needed salt. or lemon juice. or something. a bit of a let down after all those scrumtious chocolates over the months. eh. i dunno. maybe i'll have to try the Mac'N'Cheese next time. Thanks JM and Nichole posting such heart-felt reviews. I read your stuff often!

Steak frites last night for Restaurant Week: delicious, rich, flavorful, excellent with a Kalamazoo Stout. Dessert was an incredibly sexy raspberry-strawberry souffle draped in some thick fruit soup (what I'd term a sauce instead) and garnished with a long stick of chocolate encased in a tuile sheath. Amazing.

I'll miss this place dearly when it closes. Viva Cocoliquot!

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