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Donut Delight

Update: Donut Delight (aka Mediterranean Delight) closed. Then Bamboo Hut opened.

In a word: Madison donuts are a rare commodity; we don't mind having ours with a kebab.

The specs: #0130
JM ate the beef kebab with lemonade and a chocolate-chocolate Bismarck with Bavarian creme.
Nichole ate the Mediterranean fried potato wrap, French vegetable soup, a piece of balklava and a Turkish coffee.
The bill was $14, or $7/person, with $5 off coupon (thanks, Colleen!) plus tip.
JM gave Donut Delight a B+; Nichole gave Donut Delight an A- (see our grading rubric).

Latest Donut Delight news and reviews

Except for the cell phone conversation we couldn't help but overhear in the small-ish dining room (all about Janie's pee-pee in the potty and how proud we all are of her, yes we are!), we had a good time at Donut Delight. Its odd marriage of pastry and Mediterranean cuisine works.

The Mediterranean fried potato wrap was too unusual to pass up, and the warm, herbed potato chunks, red ripe tomato and mellow onions in a whole wheat wrap with cucumber sauce on the side was a great dish to warm up with on a cold fall day. Real Turkish coffee and a generous piece of lighter-than-average baklava rounded out Nichole's meal.

JM' s beef kebab was only OK; not bad but not succulent either.  There were also highly weird glasses.  Never had he been served lemonade in something wider than it was tall.  The kindly server never brought a water refill either which led to less-than-optimal hydration.  He did, however, thoroughly enjoy his donut.

One of the things that initially surprised us about Madison is the paucity of donut places, particularly chains. Don't get us wrong, Scott's, Lane's, Greenbush, Donut Delight et al. are great, but we wonder why they are so few and far between.


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The ice tea here is to die for. It tastes like they brew it with rose water. We had dinner when we ate here, so skipped the pastries. The vegatable soup was very good.

My neighborhood has the People's Cafe, and their donuts are very good. Also, the owner happens to be from Lebanon. Is there some Mediterranean/donut connection I never knew about? Hmmm...

Oh Lord, People's Bakery is so good.

Mmm, People's Bakery sounds really good right now...or Francois' .... yahm...

I can attest that the People's Bakery has wonderful Lebanese food. And the donuts are top-notch, too. Second only to Greenbush for Madison donuts. And they're also very cheap, which for Madison is pretty damned unusual.

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