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Update: DeJope is now called Gamers Grille.

In a word: To be missed.

The specs: #0124
Address, hours & details via Isthmus; official web site.

Latest DeJope news and reviews

JM ate a corn dog and a Mello Yello.
Nichole ate a piece of pumpkin pie and a cup of coffee.
The bill was $5, or $2.50/person, plus tip.
JM gave DeJope a C-; Nichole gave DeJope a D+ (see our grading rubric).

The most analogous thing we can peg to the DeJope experience is the Wal-Mart snack bar.

Parking lot at DeJope

The evening's menu:

Menu placard at DeJope

We missed the fish fry, leaving us only the vending machines and snack bar to choose from. Our repast was unsettlingly reminiscent of a hospital tray, complete with sample.

Snack at DeJope

JM opted only grudgingly for the corn dog, having looked forward to some cheesy nachos - only to discover that, due to the extremely complicated logistics involved in warming canned cheez sauce, they weren't available less than an hour after the snack bar opened. Coffee refills are free, the better to fuel the blotters.

Coffee urns at DeJope

We didn't stay for bingo - the eerie pre-game stillness creeped us out. Is "Jope" Ho-Chunk for "Pressing?"


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I recently went to DeJope on a Saturday evening, on the recommendation of a friend. I cannot with good conscience recommomend this "restaurant" to anybody. The service was extremely slow, the food was cold, and when I said something a big guy in a baseball cap and t shirt came over and said he was the manager. He simply said "it's Saturday, we are usually busy so you will have to bear with us". I was under the impression that there was some sort of new remodel and new management but I didn't see it. To top it off, I played 50 dollars on their "slot" machines and didn't hit a single time. I digress however, as this is a restaurant review. I literally saw a cook pick her nose as I was leaving with my group. I saw "cashiers" or whatever they were standing around while customers were waiting a long time for their food, not looking happy. I would avoid this at all costs. A little bit of Vegas in Madison? DeJope has no right to compare itself to Vegas, Vegas is in a different universe alltogether.

After seeing the TV commercials, and showing a nice steak, My husband and I decided to go see what all the "fuss" was about at Dejope. It was nothing like the commercials we saw, and we were pretty upset at the quality of food and quality of service we received. I think false advertising could be claimed in this case, because they didn't even serve steak! They had some kind of "Italian night" and said they only serve prime rib, not really steak. We also played a few games but didn't win anything (big surprise, haha). WE won't be coming back anytime soon and I suggest you don't either. Very dissappointing. I would give it 2 out of 5 stars. We did have a nice lady help us out though, her name was DD or Deedee or however she spelled it. She was really the bright spot on a rather poor night, we wish she was our server. The poster who said it was a mere snackbar was pretty accurate, we wish we would have seen this site before we tried it.

Nicky Z.

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