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Burger Joint

Update: Burger Joint is closed.

In a word: Wacky yet pedestrian burgers.

The specs: #0116
JM ate the Badger Burger with fries and a bottle of lemonade.
John ate the prime rib sandwich with fries and a soda.
Nichole ate the Hawaii Meets the Badger State burger with fries.
We split an order of onion rings and cheese curds.
The bill was $32, or $10.67/person, plus tip (thanks, Dad!).
JM gave Burger Joint a B+; John and Nichole gave Burger Joint a B (see our grading rubric).

Latest Burger Joint news and reviews

We overdid it at Burger Joint, but you know, if you're going to eat a burger, eat the hell out of it.

Quilted Burger Joint sign over the register

We could have passed on some of the breaded, deep-fried goodness, we suppose, thereby shaving the bill at the same time. The curds were top-notch, but the onion rings were of the chopped and processed variety and therefore not as good to onion ring purists (read: John). Fries were average.

The burger menu is intriguing - one reviewer characterized some burgers as reminiscent of childhood concoctions. There are 2 vegetarian options, one of which is an apple burger consisting of apples (duh), rice, bread crumbs, onions and green peppers. Fascinating. Especially once we learned that Burger Joint is under the same auspices as ChinMi. (Insert conspiracy music here.)

As for our sandwiches, we hope the Burger Joint is still tweaking the recipes.

Nichole's Hawaii Meets the Badger State burger ranks about a 5.5 out of 10.

Hawaii Meets the Badger State burger

Bun: White, toasted on the outside.
Meat: Beef without any semblance of seasoning.
Cheese: Too thick. After being burned twice with cream cheese on burgers, Nichole wonders if the very concept is flawed.
Extras: Asked them to hold the tomatoes, but got them anyway. The addition of bulky, white iceberg lettuce was not worth the altitude. It took too many bites to get to the (canned) pineapple, but it did improve the burger.

JM's meal was good but not great.  It did have good sides (esp. the cheese curds) but something doesn't quite click. Love the locale, though.

Badger Burger

John found a rather large hunk of gristle and bone in his prime rib sandwich, but with characteristic equanimity said the rest of it was tasty. He did object to the absence of anything but Pepsi products. His actual words were, "Pepsi? Ugh!" Nichole's sentiments exactly.  (Pepsi is still creaming Coke.  Why?)


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