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Bourbon Street Grille

In a word: Themed like a good idea at the time.

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Address, hours & details via Isthmus; reviews at Ultimate Madison Bar Tour, Madison Fish Fry; official web site; Bourbon Street Grille on Urbanspoon

Latest Bourbon Street Grille news and reviews

JM ate the honey mustard chicken sandwich with lemonade.
John ate the New Orleans burger with iced tea.
Nichole ate the BBQ chicken sandwich and jojos with iced tea.
The bill was about $25, or $8.33/person, plus tip. Thanks, John!
JM gave Bourbon Street Grille a B; John gave Bourbon Street Grille a C+; Nichole gave Bourbon Street Grille a C (see our grading rubric).

This New Orleans-themed venue in Monona has also been covered by the Ultimate Madison Bar Tour folks, who reached a similar conclusion: the food is hit-or-miss, but the surroundings are pleasant. Also, somehow this restaurant doesn't have a pay phone.  Maybe the preponderance of cell phones (which we do not yet have, and John's did us no good, since it was him we needed to call) has made this common feature go the way of the rotary dial.

Nichole's chicken sandwich featured a formidably thick slab of chicken breast that could have stood a few whacks with the flat end of a meat tenderizer, if only to make the sandwich small enough to bite. The iced tea sans ice was a big disappointment. We had to ask for sugar, which didn't dull the bitter edge of the over-steeped beverage.

John and JM were less critical. They both describe their sandwiches as "OK," but the other menu choices looked brilliant. JM also felt a little hungry as they left.  JM pointed out the inevitable phrase, "with au jus." He also noticed that the ownership seemed to have a strange fascination with nubile young women (not that he was looking).


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I think the problem with this place starts with the fact that it spells grill "grille."

While the food is actually quite good -- the service will be this places demise. The staff here is horrible -- we went in on a recent Sunday - at a reasonable time to catch some lunch and watch football - 12:30 ish. The staff was no where to be found - sat ourselves, waited for 10 mintues before anyone came out to offer us drinks and a menu. All of the twenty year olds working looked like death warmed over as they stood in a corner and talked about their saturday night outings. Good food is not enough to make me go back -- you can find plenty of other places in Madison to spend your money and get quality service

i had my first cougar sandwich at this restaurant and although the meal was satisfying the cougar seemed to be a little to aged.

Have you heard any updates on Bourbon Street in the last two years? It turns out they offer event services. Think their hit and miss food and elusive staff carries over when catering to a private party?

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