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In a word: A good hash-slingin' diner and Madison institution.

The specs: #0107
Address, hours & details via Isthmus; reviews at Yelp, 77 Square, Curve on Urbanspoon

Latest Curve news and reviews

JM ate 2 eggs scrambled with ham.
Julie ate 2 eggs with American fries.
Karen ate an English muffin with orange juice.
Mama Mo had already eaten, but commended the good white trash food on the menu.
Mitchell ate the Denver omelet and coffee.
Naomi ate 2 eggs, sausage and milk.
Nichole ate the Curve special omelet (veggies and ham) with raisin toast and coffee.
Rachel ate 2 eggs, bacon, toast and orange juice.
Renee ate 2 eggs, bacon, toast and milk.
The bill was about $30, or $3.75/person, plus tip.
Mitchell and Nichole gave the Curve an A; JM, a B+; Julie, a B; Mama Mo, Naomi, and Renee, a C; Karen and Rachel, a D. The average grade was a B- (see our grading rubric).

The Curve got quite varied responses from the group. Some things we liked:

  • great service
  • tasty bacon
  • oatmeal on the menu, raisin toast if you ask
  • the atmosphere - mirrors!

And some things, not so much:

  • some pieces of toast and English muffins arrived burnt
  • the OJ tasted tinny
  • there weren't quite enough menus for our (admittedly large) group
  • the atmosphere - mirrors?

So when you take nine people to a restaurant, don't expect agreement or even a low standard deviation.


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I've always been kinda scairt to go into the Curve. I may go check it out now. Thanks for taking point on that one.

There's safety in numbers. Actually, the only scary thing at the Curve was the plastic food on the counter.

The ketchup bottles were plastic and showed evidence of rot and mold. The tables were dirty. My grilled cheese sandwich had burnt bread and uncooked cheese. And I didn't have ketchup for the fries because I was afraid to use the bottle. Worst experience I've in Madison dining yet.

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