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Update: This location is closed.

In a word: We've made it to #101!

The specs: #0101
Address, hours & details via Isthmus; reviews at Yelp; official web site; Cousins Subs on Urbanspoon

JM and John R. both ate the ham and cheese with a fountain soda.
Nichole ate the turkey on wheat with a bottle of soda.
Rose ate the genoa and cheese with a fountain soda.
The bill was $18, or $4.50/person. Thanks, folks!
John gave Cousins an A; JM and Nichole gave Cousins an A-; Rose gave Cousins a B (see our grading rubric).

Latest Cousins news and reviews

Nichole once worked at a Cousins, and can vouch for this. Yet enjoyment of Cousins sandwiches doesn't suffer from detailed knowledge about what goes into them. Over the years, they've added to their bread choices, yet they still only offer one kind of cheese (provolone). Counterintuitive, no?

Before this A to Z experiment, we would eat here weekly before making our Woodman's run on Tuesdays.  JM was trying to eat through the whole menu. (Boy, what does that sound like?)

The service was just standard, and we didn't notice until too late that the dude forgot to give back our full frequent-buyer punch card. Damn.

The sandwiches were pretty good. When John saw Rose picking the onions off hers, he proffered his. High-jinks ensued when she misunderstood his gesture and started picking his off as well. Of the group, John especially likes Cousins: "I love the bread, mon, & the price was great!"

We saw a steady stream of gamers from Pegasus stopping in to get soda refills, and wondered how that works.

Cousins really is our one hundred first A to Z restaurant; here's to 505 more.


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