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Charley's Steakery

Update: Charley's closed May 16, 2010.

In a word: Far exceeded anyone's expectations.

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Address, hours & details via Isthmus; Charley's web site; Charley's Grilled Subs on Urbanspoon

Christina ate the turkey club with cheese fries.
Dan ate the BBQ cheddar steak.
JM ate the bacon-three cheese combo with BBQ fries and a lemonade.
John ate the BBQ cheddar steak sub with cheddar bacon fries.
Nichole ate the chicken Philly with fries and a raspberry lemonade.
Christina and JM gave Charley's an A; Nichole and Dan gave Charley's an A-; and John gave Charley's a B+ (see our grading rubric).

Latest Charley's Steakery news and reviews

We were all pleasantly surprised by Charley's. It didn't really stand out among State Street eateries until we tried it.

What we found was a fast-food joint with well-prepared food, delicious sandwich fixings, and great, great lemonade, at prices that, sadly, put even lower-end sit-down places to shame.

The sandwiches are toasty-warm and made from good quality stuff (not organic or anything, but apparently above Sysco-grade).  The gourmet fries are smothered in a variety of selected sauces: cheese (from massive, massive tins, if the decor is to be believed), BBQ, chili etc.  You walk out feeling full and refreshed, the way fast food probably made you feel 35 years ago when it was another option and not the butt of a national joke.

So seriously... Charley's Steakery: We'll definitely be back.


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Thank you so much for commenting on the quality of the ingredients at Charley's. My dad is a salesman for the company that supplies Charley's, and I'll pass him the word.

Next time, try the kiwi lemonade, it's sweeter then the raspberry and reg flavors. This place is a staple on military bases, and I'm thrilled that there's one here.

I totally agree about the gourmet fries. Best fries on State! They use gross low quality Hormel meat for the steaks though. That is the kind of steak you eat in high school cafeterias. I also think there could be more food for the dollar there but it's great for a fries and lemonade visit.

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