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Casa Bianca

Update: Casa Bianca on Bassett has closed.

In a word: cheap, good, and clean.

The specs: #0066
 Yelp reviews of Westside location.

JM and Nichole shared the Hawaiian pizza (Canadian bacon and pineapple) and each had a soda.
The bill was $13, or $6.50/person, plus tip.
JM and Nichole both gave Casa Bianca an A- (see our grading rubric).

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What with the busy intersection of Johnson and Bassett and the Badger Cabs idling outside, we felt like Casa Bianca was the closest we'd come to a Big Apple feel this close to the capitol.  Of course in Manhattan, no place would be this empty ever, let alone an hour from the dinner rush.

As for the pie, it was very good, especially for the price. We had a few quibbles: the Canadian bacon was a mite too salty and the pizza just  a hair underdone, so that the crust gave way too easily. On the plus side, it was ready to eat as soon as it got to our table. The sauce was great, with a rich flavor and a distinct but not overpowering amount of garlic.

We'd definitely grab another pizza at Casa Bianca.


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Yes, bravo. I was very impressed by the generally inexpensiveness, the size of the pizza and most importantly, a ridiculous amount of good will and friendliness from the elderly gentleman who works there (and possibly runs it). It also wasn'y busy at all - again, strange for the time frame (7:00 on a Saturday). Thanks for the recommendation!!

Try a calzone if you make it back to Casa B's. Those things got me through college. Best. Food . Ever.

The best Pizza in Madison until they opened Sal's on Butler St. Also, a good place to get a good Italian dinner generally. You could pay a lot more for Italian food in Madison and not get that much better if at all. Solid A.

As a native New Yorker, I can easily say that Casa Bianca makes the best pizza I've had since moving to WI in 1998. I missed it so much when we moved to Fond du Lac that my husband, as a surprise one day, drove down, got me a pie, and delivered it to my job at lunchtime.

Now that we're back in Madison, between Casa and Glass Nickel, I'm again in pizza heaven.

I just found the Casa Bianca on Junction Rd (between Mineral Point and Old Sauk) and I was just blown away. I'm a huge pizza snob and when we moved up here I despaired of finding a traditional NY style pizza. We stopped in on a whim, expecting something mediocre at best, and I now have a new favorite pizza! That thin-but-not-crispy crust, made with REAL pizza flour, is unheard of in most places, and Casa Bianca gets it JUST right. Not to mention the oil that drips down your hand... just the perfect pizza experience. No wonder - I complemented the cashier and she told me they used to have a place on Canal St in New York! So this is the right one, people! You HAVE to check it out!

I just wanted to come back to say that if you ever get there for dinner and have a regular entree - as opposed to a wonderful pizza - the bread is To. Die. For. I'm pretty sure they make it with their pizza dough, and it's lovely and doughy and warm and crusty and they give you a load of butter for it. Casa Bianca's bread is one of the few things that makes want to turn into my dear, departed grandma and stuff the bread in my purse for later.

Just to keep up with all the pizza threads. In memorandum, Casia Bianca is sadly closed due to a lost lease, but I think they had the best thin crust in town. I wonder if they're planning to reopen somewhere else? Anyone?

Yep. They reopened as Sal's Pizza at 2040 W Wisconsin Ave in Milwaukee.

Same great people, same great pizza!

Jennyfits, you scared me! Casa Bianca on Bassett has been closed for some time now, but the one on Junction Rd. is very much still in business, and a quick call over there confirms that they have NO current plans to close.

we ate a casa bianca for dinner and the food wasn't all that bad. When we walked in we were greeted with a snotty, "do you have a table reserved." Then we had a uncooked roll and a brown tossed salad. Then our watress had a real atitude with us and a we pulled to go home she yelled at out the door."What scum bags, just go home." I have eaten there befor but this time it was horible.

Phone number for Casa Bianca on Junction Rd is 608-662-1300.

They don't have a web presence that I've seen and this page comes up near the top of the google results for Casa Bianca, so I'm sticking it here!

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I was never a fan of Casa Bianca. Granted, I think New Yorkers wouldn't know a pizza if it hit them in the face (Chicago style plz!), but it was the employees that ruined it for me. We took to calling it the "House of Yelling" for quite a while due to the fact at employees would regularly scream at you if they didn't agree with what you ordered ("No, you don't want ravioli! You want a calzone!"). Just really odd.

Just experienced a horrible dinner in Casa Bianca last night. Customer service is reeeeaaalllyyy bad...

Did you get screamed at for not ordering what they wanted you to order? :)

I guess a lot can happen in 5 months - hubby and I attempted to go there for dinner tonight, and it was empty. No chairs, no tables, no counter, nothing. Gone. :(

Yep, the West Side location has closed as well.

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