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Cafe Continental

Update 9/7/10: Cafe Continental is closing on 9/30/2010.

In a word: Splurge. It's good.

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Address, hours & details via Isthmus; Cafe Continental web site; reviews at Yelp, Central Madison Living, and 77 Square; Cafe Continental on Urbanspoon

JM ate the BBQ chicken pizza.
Nichole ate the spiedini (here's a quick recipe for reference).
JM gave Cafe Continental an A-; Nichole gave Cafe Continental an A (see our grading rubric).

Latest Cafe Continental news and reviews

We don't know what to write because we were too busy eating to take notes. JM remembers that the restaurant was not crowded right after work right before Christmas, and noticing that no one was in the Isthmus offices across the street either. But prompt and attentive service are always memorable.

JM's BBQ chicken pizza rivaled the ever-worthy Glass Nickel Santa Fe, but was even more delicate. Nichole remembers that every bite of the spiedini was a new revelation of texture and flavor. Few home cooks would attempt, much less master, this dish, so she highly recommends Cafe Continental for all your spiedini needs.


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What the hell? HOW MUCH DID IT COST, MAN??????? Screw this. I'm going to Hardees.

I went to Cafe Continental on Saturday night for dinner and it was AMAZING! My date and I showed up at 10:00pm and worried about whether or not they would still serve dinner that late (their hours are posted 11am - close). It wasn't too late - it didn't hurt that there was a huge party there that had just ordered either.

We ordered the Ostritch and the Buffalo for dinner. The buffalo was really good - with asparagus on the side. But what was really exemplary was the ostritch. It was delicious and the spinach that came with it was cooked/fried (?) in such a way that it just melted in your mouth.

Yeah - it's a little pricy, but it was worth the money for great food like that...and really good service. Definitely would go there again.

Ostrich you say....

Yup - ostrich. Does not taste like chicken. It's more like veal. Very good - tender and cooked medium rare. That was the whole reason to go there - my date had been there before and really wanted to have it again.

A revist.

I got comp tickets to the Majestic to see JJ Grey 11-23-2008. Dae' were off da hook. We decided to make it a date night have dinner before the show. Thought about Sardine, but Cafe Continental was closer so opted for that.

This was my 4ht or 5th time eating at Cafe Continental. This time, I remembered again why the place never stood out as a "you must eat here" place. While we had excllent service, our server reccomended a very well priced wine, the food was just so-so.

I had the wild mushroom polenta, which was way under seasoned, and adding gobs of salt didn't help. After it cooled a little, it became gummy. The boyfriend had the spedennie (spelling), which was good, but really didn't knock our socks off. They were out of the cannoli for dessert, which should always be an Itailan restaraunt staple.

For the price of the dinner (almost 100 with tip) there are better choices in downtown Madison.

Sorry to be harsh, they have a great vibe but are not leveraging it.

Made it back here for Valentines Day brunch. I had searched all over for the perfect place for me and my valentine to eat brunch. There were three contenders - but Cafe Continental won because of their multiple variations of Eggs Benedict. He loves Eggs Benedict - and the thought of crab cakes instead of Canadian Bacon sealed the deal.

For myself - I went for the Banana's Foster French Toast. It was heavenly. My only disappointment was that it wasn't delivered on fire. I'm guessing because of the close quarters and possible fire hazards they have to do the flambe in the kitchen.

This is my second time visiting Cafe Continental and it was another great meal. On top of that - the service was excelent and the staff was very friendly.

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