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C's Restaurant & Bakery

In the gazebo at C's Restaurant and BakeryIn a word: Raisin toast at last!

The specs: #0055
Address, hours & details via Isthmus; review at Middleton Times-Tribune, interview with Morgan; C's Restaurant Bakery & Coffee on Urbanspoon

Latest C's Restaurant & Bakery news and reviews

JM ate the #6 breakfast croissant with ham and a side of hashbrowns. Nichole ate the veggie hashbrowns, coffee, and raisin toast.
JM gave C's Restaurant & Bakery an A-; Nichole gave it an A (see our grading rubric).

C's is not much to look at.  Despite having passed by it over 50 times, JM still didn't know where it was.  It disappears into the Middleton Sentry and assorted shops behind it.  But the gazebo out front is nice and distinctive.

Homemade baked goods, decent coffee, and an extensive breakfast menu (including lots of kids' choices) for cheap make C's a worthwhile destination. And when we say for cheap, we mean that compared to notable Madison breakfast joints (e.g. OPH, Monty's, Hubbard Street and the like) a 3 egg, 3 topping omelet with toast beats the average by a good $3 without sacrificing much quality on standard dishes. Unless you order Brant's Special (named for the regular who relished his 12 eggs over easy, English muffin, and ham), you'd be hard pressed to spend more than $6 for a filling breakfast.

Early on in the A-Z list, Nichole said that the first place to serve raisin toast would get an A. She is happy to say that C's totally earns the grade. Nichole's veggie hashbrowns were chock full of fresh vegetables and were cooked just right. Mostly she was just really impressed with the raisin toast. This all stems from her love of Daniel Pinkwater's stories, in which greasy spoons, soda fountains, and neighborhood diners feature prominently.

JM characterized his sandwich as "solid" and the hashbrowns average, for an all-around good meal. Very comparable to the excellent one at Allie B's. We may add C's to our weekend brunch roster, once we're done with the list in 2008.  A great spot!


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I heard about C's yesterday and came to read your review. Funny that in 2004 you thought you'd be done with the list by 2008 :)

Oh blush. We oughta put the hammer down.

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